This week in DC Comics‘ Future State we get Legion of Superheroes 1. This week we have seen some very good titles and stories come out, but you can’t expect everything to be perfect. For every mind blowingly good title, there has to be a mind blowingly bad one as well. Legion falls into the latter category.

To start with I found the artwork in this title very unappealing. I do not know if they were simply trying to copy an older style of the 80s or 90s or if they just decided to try something different. Either way it comes across cheap and unfulfilling. Honestly, I’d expect artwork like this coming from a lesser publishing house trying to get started, not a DC Comics title.

Legion of blah

Legion of Superheroes 1 – Lack of Connection

The story behind this Future State issue comes across overly simplistic and rather boring. Something happens that splits the Legion and scatters its heroes to the four corners of the universe. A couple of these heroes decide to try and bring the band back together. That, in a nutshell, is pretty much it. The entire issue covers the attempts of the heroes who want to reforge the Legion into its former glory. Most of the heroes, once found, do not believe in this vision and either reluctantly join or turn it down.

Naturally, by the final pages, the Legion reforms and look ready for business. One problem. I don’t care. I do not know who any of these futuristic heroes are. The artwork looks so poor none of them catch my eye, and none generate any type of interest when it comes to their back stories.

Only one or two of the Future State titles so far received bad reviews. Legion of Superheroes 1 outranks them all as far as poor quality. Maybe you are a fan of the Legion, and this title will mean more to you. For the average reader, however, skip this title and enjoy the other Future State titles.

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