*WARNING* This Review Contains Spoilers For WandaVision Episode 7

Vision and Wanda wouldn’t want you to be sad, so watch episode seven before you read it!

Elizabeth Olsen in WandaVision Episode Six

This episode was really a tale of two halves. Not being a massive fan of The Office, the sitcom portion of the episode didn’t really hit for me. However, and this is a MASSIVE however, the second half of the episode picked up the pace. It all culminated in one of the bigger reveals for the series. Agnes is really Agatha Harkness. For fans that aren’t familiar with the comics, Agatha trains Wanda in the ways of magic and is one of the original witches from the Salem Witch Trials.

This episode finally gave us at least a piece of who’s behind all the goings on in Westview. What her plan is, we don’t know yet. Does she work for someone? Who knows! What I do know is that like a lot of the episodes of WandaVision, they save the best sections for the final scene. This episode did exactly that. We got a legitimately tense scene with Wanda going to Agnes’s house and into the basement. It was all set up perfectly with Kathryn Hahn’s performance in this one. I’ll have to go back through the first six episodes to see what kind of clues were left behind. (A rabbit? How dumb am I to not notice that?)

Outside of that, this one also gave us the major revelation that Monica Rambeau has some sort of powers after going into the Hex. When she confronted Wanda, not only did she hold her own this time, she gave Wanda some pause. It took Agnes intervening to stop her. This is big for the MCU going forward. It explains a bit about how they can introduce other mutants or characters going forward. If Wanda’s Hex grows out of control, other people might be gaining superpowers.

The Theme Through Seven Episodes Is One Answer For Four New Questions

So we have a big answer, we know who Agnes is. Wanda isn’t actually the villain here, there are greater forces in play. Magic is involved, especially with Agatha. We keep getting small answers to questions, but then we’re confronted with even bigger questions. Some might complain about this, but this is what keeps the show driving forward. It’s what also keeps the weekly episodic format so awesome. If we got all the episodes at once, it would ruin the surprises and keep the hype from building.

We’ve already seen Wanda explode with her power in this show, but what will happen with Agatha in control of Wanda? She’s already shown herself to be among the most powerful characters in the MCU. Under an equally as gifted magician’s control, Wanda could be an incredibly powerful foe for whoever.

Finally, we have where Darcy and Vision fit into all of this. The last we saw of Vision in the episode was him flying up into the sky and leaving Darcy behind. Darcy also has her full persona back thanks to Vision. We also don’t know what ends up of Monica.

EDIT: There’s a mid-credits scene (for the first time) with Monica, where we find out how she (and possibly Pietro) fits into the next episode.

We’re likely to get these answers next week, but with a whole boatload more questions.

What’s Next? Puppies?

Concluding the whole thing, this week’s episode was full of revelations and after the first half, I was ready to declare it as “an actual filler episode”. Thankfully, we got the ending that redeemed the whole episode. Strangely, I don’t know if it was an audio bug or actually part of the show at the end when Darcy’s line of “it’s okay, I’ll meet you there, then” wasn’t dubbed properly. The final section of this episode was tense and thrilling and led up to a great reveal.

So here’s to hoping that next week’s episode brings us even more clarity as to what is really going on.

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