We’ve had the Wednesday Night Wars for quite awhile in Wrestling between AEW Dynamite and NXT. According to the Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast, we could be seeing the end of that. No, nothing is getting cancelled, but NXT could be moving to Tuesday night. According to their report, the move is happening April 13th. There’s a lot of turmoil and upheaval going on with WWE right now. They’re moving to Peacock in the US starting March 18th. What better way to jazz things up than move their NXT show to a different night.

The major thing this affects is likely to be IMPACT Wrestling. They run their main show on Tuesday night, so this should siphon off viewers from them. Personally, in this time of wrestling, you can always watch something at a later time. Whether that’s Raw, Smackdown, IMPACT, Dynamite, or anything else. Sure, it’s nice to watch wrestling live, but sometimes you can’t catch everything.

So moving the show to Tuesday should fix the ratings issues with the show, and it should give a boost to both Dynamite and NXT. Which is great for both shows, they could use more viewers because they’ve been fantastic wrestling programs.

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Source: Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast