The Falcon and The Winter Soldier might not release until next week, but Marvel has you covered to get the hype flowing. They’ve brought out THREE new clips from the show. Each of them give you a pretty good representation of what the show is about.

The first is a featurette about the dynamic between it’s two stars: Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan.

Oh boy, if this is the Marvel version of a buddy comedy action film, I’m all the way in. If it’s parts of that mixed with the spy/thriller aspects of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I’m also in. This show cannot come out fast enough!

The second clip tells us about the classification that Sam has made for the villains they face in the Marvel Universe. It’s either “Androids, Aliens or Wizards”.

The final clip gives us a look into the teamwork, or lack thereof, between Bucky and Sam on a mission.

I’m getting 48 Hours or Lethal Weapon vibes from this show and I’m giddy thinking about it. Who else but Marvel could take something and add superheroes to it, and make it better?

No one. That’s the answer. We’ll have to see where The Falcon and the Winter Soldier takes us when it releases next Friday, March 19th.

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