During a Titan Comics panel for WonderCon today, the creative team behind the upcoming Doctor Who: Missy series discussed the everlasting appeal of The Master.

The Doctor’s best friend/worst enemy first appeared in the 1971 serial “Terror of the Autons.” Roger Delgado played the initial incarnation of the villainous Time Lord. Now, 50 years later, another incarnation of The Master is getting her own comics series.

Michelle Gomez took on The Master mantle opposite Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor in series 8 of the Doctor Who revival. Her portrayal of Missy instantly won over fans – including Titan Comics author Jody Houser and colorist Enrica Eren Angiolini, who have been wanting the chance to do a Missy story for years.

“There’s a sense of whimsy with Missy. She’s really trying to branch out from just trying to take over the world and kill everyone,” said Houser. “Whether she’s being helpful or maniacally destructive, she’s going to have fun.”

Writing for a character that makes such off-the-wall choices keeps things fresh, the team says.

“The unpredictability of Missy is so intriguing,” said editor Jake Devine. “You never know what she’s going to do next.” 

“If you’re talking DnD alignments, she yo-yos between neutral and evil chaotic depending on what side of the bed she gets up on,” added Houser. “’Agent of chaos’ is a pretty good descriptor.”

4 cover variations for Doctor Who: Missy
Cover variations for Doctor Who: Missy comic

To tap into that chaos when she’s writing the comics, Houser does what a lot of us do: she heads to YouTube and recaps Missy’s greatest hits.

“I’ll always go back to the TV characters as a baseline, and if I can add my own flourish to it I will,” said Houser. “Every panel you can hear, as if Michelle Gomez is saying the line.”

So what else can you watch out for in Doctor Who: Missy from Titan Comics? Well, you’re in for a multi-Master story (Delgado’s Master will also appear), and likely a multi-doctor story as well. There’s also a reason Missy has rubber ducks on her hat… but saying more about that would be a spoiler!

You can watch the full WonderCon panel for the Missy comics below.