Turtle Beach, the long-time maker of some of the best headsets on the market, is entering the controller and peripheral market. At E3 2021 they revealed two groundbreaking products: the Xbox Recon Controller, and VelocityOne Flight simulation control system. These two products are the first in lines for both controllers and more extensive peripherals.

The Turtle Beach Xbox Recon Controller

Starting off with the Recon Controller, it’s the first of a kind to combine the excellent audio capabilities of Turtle Beach and a controller. Plug in a 3.5mm headset and instantly upgrade your audio. The controller is also equipped with innovations like Pro-Aim Focus mode, cooling grips, and mappable action buttons.

That Pro-Aim Focus mode gives you unparalleled control of long-range accuracy in games like Battlefield 2042 or Warzone. You can choose between four levels of sensitivity to dial in that perfect precision.

Seeing as how this is a Turtle Beach product, you’d expect audio to be perfection. With this controller, it is. The Superhuman Sound setting gives you the ability to hear every detail in whatever game you’re playing. If you’re getting pushed on in Warzone, you’ll hear them coming from a mile away.

The Recon releases this summer for $59.95, but you can sign up for pre-order notifications at Turtle Beach’s website.

VelocityOne Flight System

Following the release of Flight Simulator for the PC and Xbox Series X/S, you’ll need a badass setup to play that game fully. Enter the VelocityOne. It offers the most comprehensive, flight control system to setup a cockpit right in your home. The VelocityOne equips you with all the controls needed to navigate the skies.

The system has everything you’d need to get off the ground. It includes: a throttle quadrant, a realistic yoke with integrated rudder controls, and a headphone jack so you can get immersed in the audio of whatever game you’re playing. The true-to-life 180 degree yoke handle allows for smooth and precise adjustments for any size aircraft.

The throttle quadrant is modular, so you can have programmable buttons, a trim wheel, and customizable lever handles. To wrap it all up, the status indicator panel gives you real-time status alerts and you can monitor essential cockpit, navigation, and engine systems and warnings.

This is the most comprehensive flight stick that you’ll ever buy. Following this, it retails for $349.95 and you can get a pre-order notification here. Like the Recon, it’s coming later this Summer.

So, what do you think of these two new Turtle Beach products?

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