If there’s one band that you know you can rely on to constantly bring out deeper songs from their catalog while touring, it’s Judas Priest. The band finally kicked off their 50 Heavy Metal Years tour at Bloodstock Open Air, and boy did they surprise. The setlist comes from our friends at Setlist.fm and is one of the best setlists I can imagine from the band. You can check it out yourself below.

Not only did they get some songs we hadn’t heard in quite a long time, they got some songs that we’ve NEVER heard live. Oh, and Glenn Tipton even came out at the end to share in some of the Judas Priest magic. It might not be the Dream Setlist that we created for Judas Priest, but it’s pretty damn close. They brought “One Shot at Glory” and “Invader” out from the cupboard. You can basically throw “Rocka Rolla” in that category as well, because they haven’t busted that out since 1976! In addition to those tracks we had songs they only played on their reunion tour back in 2005 like: “Exciter” and “Touch of Evil”. If you like Painkiller, this set is perfect for you.

Judas Priest Constructs The Perfect Setlist

You get the title track, “Hell Patrol”, “One Shot at Glory”, and “A Touch Of Evil”. The main complaints from their last setlist, the Firepower Leg 3, was that it didn’t have enough of their classic songs. This time around, I think they’ve found the perfect balance between the deep cuts for crazy fans like myself, and people who might be catching Judas Priest for the first time. Plus, they found a way to get tracks from almost every album on this list. The only albums who aren’t represented are: Jugulator, Demolition, Angel of Retribution, and Nostradamus.

Now the conspiracy theorists out there could conclude that those happen to be the last four albums that K.K. Downing performed on. I was holding out hope that they’d bust out something like “Cathedral Spires” from Jugulator, but we might never see that. Either way, this is about as good as it gets for Judas Priest. They might change the set by the time they get to the US for the start of the tour on September 8th. Let’s hope not, because this would be a treat to see.

So, what tracks were you hoping to see from the Priest on this 50th Anniversary tour? Let us know in the comments or let me know on Twitter: @HunterBolding.

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