Are you looking for new releases in Film or Television to watch this weekend of August 20th!? Well, That Hashtag Show has you covered in our weekly series! So, make sure to come back each week as we compile all of our recommendations for you to check out on your days off. This weekend continues to have a whole new sleight of films from different genres, but they all do vary in quality. We also have two new shows: one that should have more hype, and one that doesn’t live up to it.



Reminiscence is a sci-fi film directed by one of the co-creators of Westworld and starring Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson. This confounding story about a private investigator trying to find the truth out about his client… is well, proving to be quite divisive. The gorgeous promotional material has lured us in, but will the film actually prove to be worth it? What critics are saying is that it is a tad forgettable, and its also 2 and 1/2 hours long. But, if you’re still in the need of some original sci-fi, this might do the trick.


Maggie Q, Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Keaton star in this action film from the director of Casino Royale and Goldeneye. Honestly what more could you want? Maggie Q plays a contract killer looking to find revenge, who gets entangled in a wild love affair. Though the plot sounds a bit rudimentary, critics are saying that it’s a brutal film that spotlights the talent of Q and Keaton.


This independent psychological-thriller starring Rebecca Hall is easily the best received movie of the weekend. Though it has its doubters, some are saying that this movie about a widow who uncovers her husbands disturbing secrets… is one of the most terrifying trips of the year. It won’t be for everyone, but if you love more obscure terror… this one, will be for you!



This Sandra Oh-starring Netflix dramedy deserves to be seen by everyone possible! It is an important series that covers so many different topics including racism, ageism, sexism and so much more. Sandra Oh plays a recently promoted professor who is taking over the English department at a prestigious college. But, the demands of her colleagues and the students of the school open up a giant can of worms that turn her life upside down. People might be turned off by the deadpan comedy, but, as I said in my review “this is a darkly hilarious and wonderfully acted series that tackles hot button issues, without ever taking itself too seriously.” [See Our Full Review Here!]

The Chair streams all 6 episodes on Netflix, Friday August 20th,


This new series from the creator of Big Little Lies (David E. Kelley) and starring Nicole Kidman, has proven to be a bit of a bore with audiences. The dramatic mystery show, based upon another Lianne Moriarty novel, follows a group of lost and broken people who go to a wellness spa to find a better life. The spa is run by a mysterious Russian woman (Nicole Kidman) who has picked them all, one-by-one for a very specific reason. Unfortunately, “Nine Perfect Strangers has a lot to offer (especially with its talented cast), but it is a very flawed show that does not add up to the sum of its parts.” [See Our Full Review Here!]

Nine Perfect Strangers premieres its first 3 episodes on HULU Wednesday, August 18th. New episodes air weekly after that.

Which new release films or television shows are you most excited to watch this weekend of August 20th!? Have we missed anything here that you are looking forward to? Make sure to let us know in the comments.

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