Netflix apparently thinks not enough people watch anime. This is a fair assumption to make. So naturally, Netflix will do something about it in the form of this “Tudum: Anime Spotlight” pre-show event on YouTube. They’ve even got a teaser trailer for it for us to enjoy:

What in the world does “Tudum” mean anyway?

Netflix has defined the word “Tudum” as “A to-do list but for all the movies and shows you have planned for the day!” on Twitter. This perfectly describes the “Tudum: A Netflix Global Fan Event” Netflix is holding this Saturday on September 25, 2021. You can catch the main Tudum event on Netflix YouTube when it premieres on that day.

In the meantime, to kick things off for this first-ever event, Netflix will host an Anime Spotlight pre-show event at 5 AM (PT)/ 8 AM (ET) on the same day. You can catch the Anime Spotlight pre-show on Netflix Anime YouTube.

Netflix “Tudum: Anime Spotlight”: Details

Netflix Tudum: Anime Spotlight teaser art.
Netflix showing off how much they want to compete with Funimation/Crunchyroll.

So what’s on the list for Netflix’s “Tudum: Anime Spotlight” pre-show? Well, for starters, it will have panels and special segments for at least 6 separate anime/anime films. The 6 currently named are:

  • Aggretsuko
  • A Whisker Away
  • Bright: Samurai Soul
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie
  • Super Crooks
  • Ultraman

“Many more” anime titles will follow these. Specifically, though, Netflix will focus on Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie, Ultraman, and Super Crooks.

For Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie, the global voice cast behind Super Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino will come together for a special panel hosted by fan and actress Maitreyi Ramakrishnan (Never Have I Ever). The group will include Kotono Mitsuishi (Japanese), Sabine Bohlmann (German), Patricia Acevedo (Mexican Spanish), Adelaida López (Spanish), Stephanie Sheh (English), Agatha Paulita (Brazilian Portuguese), and Lucrezia Marricchi (Italian). The cast will talk about their experience as the voices of the iconic main character and celebrate the latest installment in the hugely successful, and timeless franchise.

For Ultraman, voice cast Ryohei Kimura joins Anime Spotlight alongside special guest Ultraman. At the event, Netflix will reveal the latest teaser art for the long-awaited second season of the series premiering in 2022. 

In addition, comic book legend Mark Millar and director Motonobu Hori, the creators of Super Crooks tag team in a fireside chat to discuss the genesis of how the show came to life, and what fans can look forward to. Its much-anticipated launch date, as well as a teaser trailer, will be revealed right here, only on Tudum: Anime Spotlight. 


Netflix will kick off their Tudum global fan event with an Anime Spotlight pre-show event. This pre-show event will feature special panels and special segments for select anime and anime films Netflix streams. The list so far includes Aggretsuko, A Whisker Away, Bright: Samurai Soul, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie, Super Crooks, and Ultraman. If you’re interested, then catch this pre-show on Netflix Anime YouTube. Or, if you want to watch the main event, then just head on over to Netflix YouTube to check it out.

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