The Nintendo eShop is a source for many of the leaks in the world of console gaming. Nightdive’s latest creation, Powerslave: Exhumed is coming to the Nintendo Switch and PC next month. The game, which is an amalgamation of the Sega Saturn and PlayStation versions, has over 20 levels and new quality of life changes. Lobotomy Software’s original version of the game showed up on the Saturn and PSX in the mid-’90s. The game’s Steam page lists the release date as February 10th. There’s no official word from Nightdive, so their announcement could be coming soon.

The game is a KEX Engine port of the original Powerslave. Some of the new changes to the game include Anisotropic Texture Filtering, SMAA, widescreen, and HD display support, in addition to gamepad support. Powerslave tells the story of the ancient Egyptian city of Karnak. It gets overtaken by alien forces and a team of commandos is sent in to uncover what happened. After your helicopter is shot down, you have to fight your way through aliens that are trying to resurrect King Ramses and use his power to take over the world.

For fans of Duke Nukem 3D or other shooters of the time, Powerslave is an instant classic. The Sega Saturn version of the game is quite expensive these days, but there are plenty of other ways to play the original. For now, this remake looks fantastic.

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