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IO Interactive Announces New James Bond Game Titled Project 007 With Teaser Trailer

IO Interactive, the company behind the Hitman and Kane and Lynch games, now unveil a teaser trailer for their latest game. What is it, you may ask? Apparently, it has a working title of Project 007. Yes, you heard that right: it’s a James Bond game. As you can see though, there’s not much in […]

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007: No Time to Die Clip Reveals Too Much… Or Did It?

Bond fans who watched the Chiefs-49ers game this weekend were treated to a few clips of the new 007 film coming in April 2020. Check it out below: 007: Did The New Trailer Clip Reveal Too Much? One nice thing about Daniel Craig’s 007 films is the continuity. There are threads in No Time to […]

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Detective Comics 1007: Who Is Batman?

Detective Comics 1007 is a brilliant comic in so many ways. On the surface it is a fantastic issue of detective work and fist-a-cuffs, but underneath there are tons of foils and contrast. Batman and Spectre may be two different crime fighters, but how different are they really? Detective Comics 1007: Cover To Cover Both […]

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The Next 007 Could Be Played By A Non-White Actor?

For the past few years there has been outcry for some more diversity in the Bond franchise, especially when it comes to the lead himself. However a new report has suggested that one of the producers is teasing the casting of a non-white actor. One actor who has always been a fan favourite for the […]

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Everything Coming To HBO Max In March

March is shaping up to be a HUGE month for HBO Max. DC fans will finally get the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League on March 18. Plus, HBO Max continues their theater-replacing blockbuster drops with Godzilla vs. Kong on March 31. But there’s a ton of other great stuff headed to the platform too. […]

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Wrong Turn Reboot is the Right Choice for Terror

Alan B. McElroy reboots his own series for director Mike P. Nelson and the franchise is headed… in the right direction. (See what I did there?)

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Crossover Battles: AT-TE vs. Thunderjaw

In this episode of Crossover Battles, we’ll put two powerful mechs against each other to see which one will come out on top. Our two opponents today are the AT-TE from Star Wars, and the Thunderjaw from Horizon Zero Dawn. But before we begin this clash of mechanical titans, we need their stats first. Contestant […]

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Young Hellboy #1: Faux King Kong Steals the Show (Spoilery Comic Book Review)

Theoretically, Young Hellboy: The Hidden Land #1 should be about little Hellboy, right? Well, it mostly is. But then a certain supersized gorilla has to show up and completely steal the show. Warning: minor spoilers for Young Hellboy: The Hidden Land #1. If you have any desire to read the adventures of Faux King Kong […]

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WandaVision Episode Six: Halloween Horror Nights – Review

*WARNING* This Review Contains Spoilers For WandaVision Episode 6 Vision and Wanda wouldn’t want you to be sad, so watch episode six before you read it! How’d you do all this? Quicksilver We’ve been saying for six episodes now, this show is going to keep twisting and turning. Most importantly, it’ll keep you coming back […]

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Review: Critical Role Vox Machina Origins Vol. 3 #1

The loveable adventurers of Vox Machina are back for another volume of comics. Critical Role Vox Machina Origins is here with Volume 3, bringing more of the pre-streaming stories to comic book form. Issue #1 releases today, and we have a review of it for you. (WARNING: Spoilers for both Volume 2 and Issue 1 […]