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River Horse Games to Create Dark Crystal RPG

I am sure everyone knows about gaming companies like Hasbro, White Wizard, Milton Bradley, and the like, but have you heard of a little company called River Horse Games? Probably not, but its a company you might want to familiarize yourself with. For 10 years this little game design company has made games. While they […]

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Transformers Earthrise Makes Planetfall

At last the second part of the Transformers: War for Cybertron has released on Netflix. While this second chapter may be called Earthrise, this season takes place in Cybertron and outer space. we see many new faces and all of the surviving faces from chapter one. This season may not cause the stir of emotions […]

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Batman Annual 5 – The Journey of Bao

Dropping this week from DC comics is Batman Annual 5, but this issue does very little with our Caped Crusader. Instead this annual continues the journey of a newish character that continues to make quite the impact on Gotham City. In this issue, Bao makes good on Batman’s offer to visit an old friend, Dr. […]

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Wonder Woman – Message Over Motion & the Road Ahead

While it can be said all movies follow this formula, Comic book and Sci-fi/fantasy fall victim to it more than others. They must balance the formula between message and motion. The ratios of message and motion change depending on what story creators wish to tell. Some forgo message almost entirely, relying heavily on motion(action) to […]

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Discovery S3:E11 – So It Begins

Every show plods along during the season. It has its ups and downs, but when it reaches those last few episodes of the season the action ratchets up, the drama and intrigue increase exponentially and the stakes get incredibly higher. Discovery has reached this end point and things just picked up. Answers begin to be […]

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Netflix X-Men: How Well Do They Translate?

Netflix recently released two Marvel anime shows, Wolverine and X-Men. Wolverine failed to really add up to much and missed the mark when it comes to Logan/Wolverine, but what about X-Men? How well did they translate into the anime world? Like Wolverine, X-Men is true anime in every sense of the word. From the art […]

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Netflix Wolverine – Sharp As A Razor Or Dull As A Spoon?

It feels strange to talk about this. In today’s streaming world we expect all of the DC titles to end up on HBOMax, all Marvel/Star Wars titles to end up on Disney+ and so forth, but here’s the thing. Contracts take time. Disney just bought Fox and often Netflix signs deals on titles a year […]

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The Mandalorian – Where Do We Go From Here?

‘The Rescue’ just wrapped up season 2 of The Mandalorian. This season gave us tons of fan service and great moments, but this finale gave us something the Star Wars universe needed for awhile now – conjecture. The fun part of Star Wars is always taking what they give us and then coming up with […]

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The Mandalorian S2:C16 – Precise Calculations

In a recent article I talked about this past season of The Mandalorian. The episodes hit their story points, provided us with some key ‘fan service’ moments, but over all lack that extra something. Short of anything by the Favroni brothers, the episodes run too short and lack that little extra something that helps to […]

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Discovery S3:E10 – Goodbye and Hello Again

For the past several weeks I have practically had Last Christmas with Emilia Clarke or auto-play. Its a fantastically funny Christmas Comedy with a nice little twist to it. How does this pertain to Discovery? Emilia’s boss, Santa, who owns the year-round Christmas shop where she works, sasses her, belittles her, degrades her, and refuses […]