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STAR WARS EPISODE IX Plot Rumor Hints at Leia-Lando Reunion

No matter how tight a lid JJ Abrams tries to keep on his productions, information always manages to find its way off set. Production on the Star Wars film is barely a month old, but we are already learning information about the potential Star Wars Episode IX plot. If rumors are true, the first act […]

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Star Wars: Seven Ways to Improve the SWU Going Forward

The Star Wars Universe (SWU) is in chaos.  Many of its films are frozen.  What is coming down the pipe is no longer certain.  It is the end of Star Wars – no.  Things are being shaken up, but I do not think Star Wars is in the dire straights many say it is, or […]

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STAR WARS Episode 9 Wrap Date Announced

Shooting has barely begun, yet already we are talking of endings. Reports are shooting for Episode 9 is expected to wrap up this February. This will wrap up the new trilogy and depending on what rumors you want to believe the Skywalker story itself. A seven month shoot is a bit longer than normal for […]

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Star Wars: Is the SWU Now in the Same State as the DCEU?

There are a lot of reports going around that Rian Johnson’s trilogy has now been cancelled.  I don’t know that I buy this, but if it is true, what state does that put the Star Wars Universe (SWU) into.  Is it in the same chaotic state as the DCEU? THE QUOTE Just so everyone is […]

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Star Wars: Thrawn – Alliances Book Review

About a month ago, I did a top 10-ish list of canon novels.  I took a risk and put a book all the way up at #2 that I hadn’t even read yet – because it hadn’t even been released yet!  Well the book, Thrawn – Alliances, came out, has been read, and judged.  The […]

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Star Wars: Ewan Says No Kenobi Coming

If there is a bright center of the universe, you are on the planet that its farthest from. No, this isn’t Tatooine. No this isn’t Jakku…  It’s Earth – minus the Obi-Wan Kenobi movie. According to Ewan McGregor, he knows nothing about one even being worked on. While doing a recent interview for Christopher Robin, […]

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Star Wars: Is Filoni On the Verge of Replacing Master Lucas?

Recently one of our Thathashtagshow authors, JJ Goodman, wrote an article about Filoni being removed from The Resistance more than his previous works (see link below).  Filoni will be launching and guiding the new series, but he will not be overseeing the every day creation of the show.  This reminds me of the stories Filoni […]

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STAR WARS: What characters May Resurface in Mandalorian Stories

*minor spoilers may ensue* This past Sunday night on our Star Wars Fanatics podcast (Sunday, 8pm pac/11pm est), the topic was brought up asking who the fans would like to see in Favreau’s rumored Mandalorian streaming series.  Ro kept saying he wanted to see Maul.  I wanted to bang my head against the screen because […]

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STAR WARS Episode IX [RUMOR] Hutt’s Returning To Episode 9?

When JJ Abrams made the second film in his Star Trek reboot, he copied Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Kahn (and lied about it).  When he rebooted Star Wars under Disney, he closely copied Star Wars Episode IV:  A New Hope.  Now with Episode 9 now in production, is he going to copy Return […]

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STAR WARS CLONE WARS: Where Mandalore Left Off

Do you remember the old saying the enemy of my enemy is my girlfriend is her sister, whose my girlfriend, whose my friend? Wait. What?! That is kind of the situation happening on Mandalore. With Mandalore probably resurfacing in the Clone Wars revival, It was left in quite the mess, both geographically as well as […]