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Upcoming AR Game ‘MARVEL Dimension of Heroes’ Is Nothing New, But A Heroic Amount Of Fun And Heart

Beyond the gear, the gameplay, and the technology- the first impression you get when meeting the team behind Lenovo Mirage’s new augmented reality game, MARVEL Dimension of Heroes, is how honored and thrilled these people are to be working with these heroes.  Sure, they got through their scripted intros for the plot and game-mechanics with […]

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Overwatch, Jedi Outcast, SNES On The Switch (finally), And More From Today’s Nintendo Direct

Finally, FINALLY, Super Nintendo titles are coming to the Nintendo Switch!!!! And not just 20 whatever-titles, but some SUPER titles (eh!). If you have a subscription on Sept 5th, you can be playing Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Metroid, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s […]

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Everything Coming to Xbox For September 3-6

Find out what games are coming to the Xbox One! According to Xbox, this week is only three days long, and yet within these measly 32 hours Xbox is dropping 13 games, which means while we were relaxing by pools and beaches, BBQing our ribs out – many code-monkeys were working overtime trying to get […]

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Celebrating 80 Years, The Marvelous Marvel #1000 Has Everything… Even Batman!!!

In the upcoming onslaught of comic book anniversaries, Superman led the charge with Action Comics #1000, followed by Detective comics #1000, and now, in honor of Marvel Comics turning 80 years old, The House Of Ideas has released Marvel #1000!!  89 pages packed with 80 creative teams to celebrate the comic book giant with stories […]

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Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark: The Haunted Notebook Is A Creepy Companion To The Film… And Scarier

While Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark didn’t capture the fear of the original book series, it did it did excel in the adaptation and translation of some of the novel’s great characters. This novel, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: The Haunted Notebook of Sarah Bellows By Richard Ashley Hamilton, takes these […]

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Superman#14 Is Utter Nonsense

The cover of Superman #14 shows a beaten and chained Rogol Zaar at the bottom of the page as a triumphant Superman, Zod, Supergirl, Superboy, and Krypto look down at him.  The writing reads “The final fate of the monster who killed Krypton.” Over at DC’s own website, the description of this issue reads “Lex […]

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How Good is DC’s New Superman?

Ok, so Bendis isn’t hitting home runs with Superman, but by adding Batman into the mix, Joshua Williamson has cooked up a really solid Super-Team-Up. Let’s break this down. What am I talking about? Batman/Superman #1Written by Joshua WilliamsonArt by David MarquezCover by David Marquez, Variant cover by: Leinil Yu The pitch: Supes and Bats […]

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After A Long Night, We’ll (Night’s) Watch Kit Harington As The MCU’s Black Knight (Not Moon or Dark)

One of the most surprising announcements to come out of D23 Expo 2019 is that Kit Harington will join the MCU’s cast of Eternals. He’ll play Dane Whitman, AKA The Black Knight in the film. The news lays to rest a flood of rumors that the Game Of Thrones actor and modern heartthrob was playing […]

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D23 Expo 2019: She-Hulk Could Be The Most Important MCU Series on Disney+

Announced at D23 Expo 2019, She-Hulk is coming to the MCU as one of many new Disney+ series rolling down the streaming pipeline. However, beyond every other series revealed this weekend She-Hulk has the potential to transcend the boundaries of phone, tablet, monitor and TV screens to become something far more important.  In a #metoo […]

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From First Blood to Last: A Look at Rambo Trailers

Sure, Rambo 4 sucked.  And Rambo 3.  And the Rambo: The Force of Freedom cartoon blew chunks… but the first two were pretty good, right?!  I mean, at least they were memorable!  So, let’s take a walk down that memory lane! Come with me as we load your oversized weapon, strap on your red headband, […]