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Jedi: Fallen Order – EA Gives Fans New Update

Star Wars Day was good to fans this year. Lots of exciting announcements about movies and Disney+ shows, but one of the more exciting ones went to gamers when EA Star Wars and Respawn Entertainment announced new and… wait for it… free updates to it’s smash hit Jedi: Fallen Order! Check out the release video […]

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National Treasure Sequel And New Series Coming to Disney+

Disney Plus has quickly become the saving grace for Star Wars with The Clone Wars and The Mandalorian. Can the platform support another popular Disney franchise to the same level? We’re about to find out. Collider is reporting that veteran producer Jerry Bruckheimer has declared the National Treasure franchise that starred Nicholas Cage and Diane […]

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‘The Mandalorian’ Rumor Confirmed: Robert Rodriguez is a Season 2 Director

May the Fourth has come and gone, and we had several truth bombs dropped on the fandom. First, we have news that Taika Waititi will take the helm directing a future Star Wars feature film. Then, Disney Plus dropped some cool, unseen concept art as part of the Star Wars lobby carousel on the streaming […]

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Disney Plus Reveals Showcase of Unseen Star Wars Concept Art

In honor of May the Fourth and the artistry that brought Star Wars to life, Disney Plus is showing rare and unseen concept art from each era of Star Wars on their homepage carousel. Next time you drop into Disney Plus, scroll through the carousel and see what new artwork is on display in celebration […]

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Lifeboat: A Star Wars Fan Fiction, Part V [Exclusive!]

Last time in our fan fiction Star Wars: Lifeboat… Inda Krest, Meera Dyre and the rest of the surviving Imperials from the Death Star II arrive at Volusia to raid the Aloo Family star yacht, only to be ambushed by the opportunistic bounty hunter, Gekko! Now, in Part V, we flash back a final time […]

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Surprise Solo Villain Cameo In The Clone Wars

Most fans agree the last two episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season 7 have been the best of the series. In the most recent episode, The Phantom Apprentice, we got a glimpse into Maul‘s criminal empire. Marg Krim, the Pyke leader Ahsoka ran afoul of in earlier episodes with the sisters Martez, heads […]

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Exclusive: 10 Questions with Marvel Illustrator Greg Land!

Check out our exclusive interview with Marvel Comics Illustrator Greg Land!

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The Siege of Mandalore: Will We See It in The Clone Wars, Season 7?

The Clone Wars, Season 7 and the Siege of MAndalore!

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Dune: New Images Arrive for Frank Herbert’s Sci-Fi Epic

New pictures released on the cast for the theatrical remake of Frank Herbert’s Dune!

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Rush – “Clockwork Angels”, Their Legacy, & Final Thoughts

Clockwork Angels – 2012 Rush‘s twentieth and final studio album, Clockwork Angels, was started about an hour from where I sit now, at Blackbird Studios in Nashville, Tennessee with the first two singles. They traveled back north, finishing up in Toronto at Revolution Recording. The album heralded their return to roots in a final, true […]