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A Discovery of Witches S2E02: Diana’s Teacher & Matthew’s Daddy Issues

In episode 2 of the second season of A Discovery of Witches, Diana finds a witchy mentor while Matthew struggles with stepping back into his past. Note: this review contains mild plot spoilers. A Discovery of Witches S2E02 Review Magical growth and finding direction I love the sense of urgency episode 2 creates with Diana’s […]

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Seven Secrets 6 – They Weren’t Supposed To Do That!

This week from BOOM! Studios we get Seven Secrets 6. When we last left our heroes, the guardians of the seven secrets, the world was falling apart. The seekers routed them from every base they used. The Guardians fled to an unknown base with all seven secrets in the hopes of protecting them and regrouping. […]

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Servant Season 2 Premiere: Hey, Gaslighter (Review)

M. Night Shyamalan’s Apple TV+ horror/thriller series Servant premieres its second season today. Check out our review for the first episode, “Doll,” below. (Note: this review contains some spoilers! Jump down to the Bottom Line for the spoiler-free take.) Servant season 2 picks up exactly where season 1 left off – there’s no missed time […]

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Millie Bobby Brown Deepfake: A Strong Case For Thrawn Film Trilogy In Star Wars

Using CGI to bring past characters to life, or to de-age them, is a feature we’ve seen multiple times now in the Disney Era of Star Wars. Rogue One, specifically, utilized the technology to gives us Grand Moff Tarkin one more time. Likewise, the film featured a New Hope-era Leia. We then got to see […]

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The Stand: Fear and Loathing in New Vegas – Review

This review contains minor spoilers. As the saying goes, you can’t con a con. This week we delve into the world of deceit in a fully linear episode of The Stand. We spend time with the spies in both New Vegas and Boulder, and we examine the reach of Flagg’s power. As the first episode […]

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Origins 3 – Who Am I?

This week from BOOM! Studios we get Origins 3, the halfway point of the story. From top to bottom, this issue seems to embody the question ‘Who am I?’ From David to the new bots the question of identity plays out. We get a few interesting flashbacks into David’s past that show us his mindset […]

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Outside The Wire Delivers Popcorn Action to Brighten Up Your January

Is Anthony Mackie the new Terminator?! Close! But no cigar.(See what I did there? Because Schwarzenegger smokes cigars…)Netflix’s latest offering Outside the Wire drops us into the middle of a summer action movie, perhaps to warm up the dead of winter and whatever the hell else we’re calling the world right now. Yeah, So, Outside […]

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Can Qui-Gon Jinn Return As A Force Ghost?

While there are many different feelings and opinions fans have about Star Wars, one thing that we can all agree on is that the Force seems to work in mysterious ways. From lifting objects to even healing others it seems there is nothing that you can’t do with the force. But even with all this […]

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What Will Massive Entertainment And Ubisoft Do For An Open World Star Wars Game?

It seems that we’re now going to get a new open world Star Wars game, courtesy of Ubisoft and Lucasfilm Games. But what will it look like? Well, to answer that question, we need to take a more in-depth look at the company doing all the actual work: Massive Entertainment. People currently know Massive Entertainment […]

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Comic Book Review: Future State Robin Eternal 1

This week from DC comics we get another Future State Bat-title with Robin Eternal 1. This issue only contains Robin’s story, so it feels more focused than many of the other titles that split their pages between stories. It continues the Future State storyline of the Magistrate controlling Gotham, and of course, our Boy Wonder […]