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Could Rahul Kohli Play Alex On The Expanse?

The Expanse has received critical acclaim from industry-types, scientists, and fans alike. First debuting on the SyFy channel, the show moved to Amazon Prime Video for Season 4, much to fans’ delight. It’s currently cruising towards an exciting Season 5 finale, and has even launched a companion comic book series. Still, questions linger about how […]

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Funko Fair: Godzilla vs Kong Pops! Revealed

If you are a fan of Funko collectibles then you will want to make sure you are keeping an eye or two on the 2021 Funko Fair. Today Funko gave us our first look at their new Godzilla and King Kong 10-inch Funko Pops! from the movie Godzilla vs Kong. What are your thoughts on […]

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Lucasfilm Games Announces “New Era”

Lucasfilm Games officially announces that it is entering a new era for the company. To that end, they’ve prepared a special sizzle reel for everyone, showcasing all their recent works. These range from mobile games, to big-budget console games, to collaborations with other titles. Enjoy: So what’s up with this “new era” announcement? Well, it […]

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A Wampa Rug to Satisfy Your Hoth Hunting Fantasies (Full Review)

Have you ever taken a look at Star Wars‘ wildlife, and thought: “Man, one of those would be a great hunting trophy”? Well, now you can get the next best thing to that with this Wampa Rug from Note: I received this Wampa rug for free from Packaging The Wampa rug came in […]

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The Mandalorian Stars Weren’t Aware of Finale Cameo Until Actors Were Present on Set

The major cameo who showed up during the season finale of The Mandalorian, season 2 was a big surprise to everyone. Even to the star cast members, it seems. Warning: major spoiler for The Mandalorian, “Chapter 16: The Rescue”. If you have not watched it yet on Disney+, avert your eyes until you do. I […]

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Discovery Season 3 Finale Review: Safe, But Fitting Finale

(Spoilers Ahead) Somewhere deep inside I hoped we might get two more episodes out of this year, but today we get the final episode of season three for Star Trek: Discovery. With the end of episode twelve, things do not look good for the good guys. Osyraa now controls Discovery. Saru, Dr Culber, and Adira […]

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Doctor Who: Celebrate 50 Years of The Master With ‘Masterful’

The Master just turned 50. That is to say, it’s the 50th anniversary of the Master’s first TV appearance on Doctor Who. (We don’t know how old the tricky Time Lord really is, but it’s definitely older than 50.) Roger Delgado first appeared as the Master in the 1971 serial “Terror of the Autons.” Fans […]

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The Rise of Skywalker Earns Lower IMDb Rank Than The Last Jedi In Ratings Shocker

The word has been that Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was a disliked film by many fans. For some time, I didn’t believe it, seeing its impressive 86% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Then, just this week, it dawned on me that The Rise of Skywalker has a lower IMDb rating than Star Wars: […]

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Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks Spoiler-Free Review

The latest Doctor Who holiday special “Revolution of the Daleks” will be a big one for fans. The third New Year’s Day special for Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor features the return of Captain Jack Harkness and the Daleks. Plus, as previously announced, it sees the exit of companions Ryan (Tosin Cole) and Graham (Bradley Walsh). Check […]

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Doctor Who Adds John Bishop As New Companion

A new face will board the TARDIS in the upcoming season of Doctor Who. BBC announced today actor/comedian John Bishop will appear in season 13. You can watch the teaser that announced Bishop’s casting below. It originally aired following the UK premiere of the special episode “Revolution of the Daleks” on January 1. Doctor Who […]