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Comic Review Transformers Issue 7: Cybertronian Chickens Come Home…

In Transformers Issue 5 we witnessed some fairly large events. When Issue 6 came out, it seemed to side step everything that had taken place in order to give us some Orion/Megatron relationship background. Now in Transformers Issue 7 issue, we return to the problems of the past and the fallout from such major happenings. […]

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HBO Releases First Look at HIS DARK MATERIALS

The best kinds of Hollywood remakes are the ones that give another chance to properties that may have been mishandled the first time around. Films like The Wizard of Oz, Ben Hur, and The Thing all found success and critical acclaim when they were revisited by later filmmakers. For the purposes of this premise, however, […]

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Comic Review Transformers #4 – World Building At Its Best

As we move into our fourth issue of Transformers: A Bold New Era, two things are very obvious. One there is a very high dedication to artwork in Transformers #4. Not only are there once again a multitude of great covers, but the artwork inside is remains top notch. The second thing being story and […]

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Star Trek: Discovery’s Season 2 Finale Didn’t Fix Canon; It Was Never Broken

Star Trek Discovery’s Season 2 finale fixed many canon related issues some people had with the series. The problem is, none of them were ever real issues.

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Gensokyo Defenders Brings Fairy Battles to Steam

Gensokyo Defenders, the blistering shoot-em-up tower defense game from Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) publishing label UNTIES and developer Neetpia, will bewitch enemy hordes on Steam on April 25. The Nintendo Switch version will receive a brand new DLC alongside the Steam release.The Nintendo Switch DLC will be free and include three each of new stages and traps, […]

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Star Wars Goes Single, Gamer Representation Widened, and Other Video Game News This Week

5. Twitch Publishes Its First Video Game! It’s…Karaoke. Twitch, not satisfied with dominating the live streaming industry, has decided to jump into making video games. The first of many, being karaoke live. Realistically, this is the most logical choice. It makes sense to have a life platform for the musically inclined, and its not exactly […]

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Comic Rewind: Coffin Hill Vol. 1

The Coffin Witch lives in the woods and Eve Coffin decides to summon her, but find out what happens when she is released in Coffin Hill Vol. 1. Coffin is a name with ties to old money and power.  The Coffin’s first came from Salem, Massachusetts, during the witch trials.  She was the only actual […]

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The Magicians: A Flock of Lost Birds|Season 4 Premiere Discussion *SPOILERS*

The Magicians premiered with a great episode that catches us up with the gang and sets up the storyline for the new season.

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New Details For The Millennium Falcon Ride At Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Details for the new rides coming to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge have been very secretive and quiet. But thanks to the Target Exclusive Blu-Ray for “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” we have some new details about at least one of the rides. And thanks to Laughing Place, we know what the fans can expect for […]

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POWER RANGERS Soul of the Dragon Comic Preview

BOOM! Studios and Hasbro today unveiled a first look at SABAN’S POWER RANGERS SOUL OF THE DRAGON, the all-new original graphic novel in stores December 2018 from acclaimed writer Kyle Higgins (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Nightwing), artist Giuseppe Cafaro (Justice League vs Suicide Squad) and special consultant Jason David Frank (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series) celebrating […]