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Lucasfilm Will Celebrate 50th Anniversary in 2021 With Special Star Wars Merch

Are you aware that it’s been 50 years since Lucasfilm started its work? At least, it will be starting in 2021. And as it turns out, they’ll be celebrating that anniversary with…special Star Wars merch! In a recent statement, Lucasfilm announces 2021 to mark their 50th anniversary since they first opened up back in 1971. […]

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Nintendo Quirky Game & Watch Handheld Launches Today to Commemorate Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary

Nintendo has never been afraid to be a little…quirky with their game releases. How else do you explain them releasing a Game & Watch handheld game set in this day and age, even one featuring Super Mario Bros.? The Game & Watch handheld game sets are a series of consoles dating back all the way […]

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X-Men 20th Anniversay

Today marks the 20th Anniversary of the first live-action X-Men film. Release on July 14th, 2000. X-Men is considered the movie that kicked off the superhero boom that is still going on today. Kickstarting the Superhero Boom Many often debate just which movie deserves credit for kickstarting the superhero boom. X-Men or Spiderman. While X-Men […]