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Jurassic World 3 Director Goes from Dinosaurs to Atlantis

Jurassic World 3 director Colin Trevorrow’s next project takes him from dinosaurs to the lost city of Atlantis. The upcoming film Atlantis is based on a story by Trevorrow. Dante Harper (Alien: Covenant) will pen the final script. Trevorrow’s mythical kingdom Atlantis will take place somewhere under the Indian Ocean, between India, Oceania, and the […]

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Part 1: How Marvel Studios ‘THE ETERNALS’ Sets the Table for the Future of the MCU

When news broke that Marvel Studios was developing film around The Eternals, most people were left wondering just who they were. Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige know they are playing with house money at this point, so their apparent willingness to gamble on yet another underappreciated property really isn’t a huge surprise because to this […]