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Generations Shattered 1 – Time Splinters, Heroes Unite

I guess time and reality were not built to last in the DC universe. This week from DC comics we get yet another splintering of time and the multiverse. From the pages of Detective Comics 1027 and the ongoing Dark Knight: Death Metal series we have the 77-page, Generations Shattered 1. Atreu and his horse […]

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Comic Review: Heroes In Crisis #7 – One Team To Finish It All.

With only two more issues to go, Heroes in Crisis #7 had to start moving the story towards its conclusion, and it has begun doing just that. We go from a fight for all the marbles to the team that will solve it all. Cover To Cover This is the first pair of covers for […]

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Comic Review Heroes In Crisis #5: In Simplicity – Brilliance

My first read through of this issue left be a bit bored and empty. It felt like there was not much that happened, but er a second read through, the brilliance of this issue lies in its simplicity. The story telling success doesn’t lie in great revelations or subtly ingenious points. It lies in the […]

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Comic Review: Heroes In Crisis #3 – Inside a Mind In Crisis

Heroes in Crisis #3 Heroes In Crisis has a lot of tumblers in motion at the moment.  Sanctuary lies in ruins.  Booster Gold just got clocked by Flash going Mach 1.  Harley slipped out from under the fingers of the Trinity.  Lois just received a care package from The Puddlers that will either shed light […]