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BRZRKR #1: There Can Only Be One Keanu Reeves (Spoiler-Free Comic Book Review)

Keanu Reeves has his own comic book now in the form of BRZRKR from Boom! Studios. And he seems to be intent on mashing up a whole bunch of other films and even game plots in it. To be fair, while Keanu Reeves is the principle writer for BRZRKR, he isn’t the only person working […]

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BOOM! Studios BRZRKR Panel

Today during the New York Comic Con panel we got a lot a Keanu Reeves’ Kickstarter comic BRZRKR. Keanu was joined by the team behind Brzrkr writer Matt Kindt, and artist Ron Garney. Known for his work on Wolverine and Captain America. As the team discussed Keanu’s new book. From what is already known from […]

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Keanu Reeves Coming to Comics in BRZRKR 1!

In a recent trend Hollywood started tying action heroes, their movies and comics all together. BOOM! Studios released a comic series based on the Vin Deisel movie Bloodshot. Perhaps this might have caught on more had the virus not tanked the movies release, but BOOM! forges ahead. This time they are teaming up with Keanu […]