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New POWER RANGERS Revealed in Boom Studios’ Soul of The Dragon

The new Power Rangers comic ” Soul of the Dragon” Released yesterday. The new comic follows an aged Tommy Oliver in his journey to find his son. But one cool thing we get to see is a New Power Ranger. The comic is described as “As a young adult, Tommy Oliver set upon a journey […]

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Detective Comics #990 Review: A Conflicted Man

I absolutely love the opening page of this issue.  As would befit an issue centered on two face, There are so many double meanings to this page.  On the surface you have the very simply good guy on one side, bad guy on the other.  The artwork by Stephen Segovia is amazing.  This would be […]

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Catwoman #4 Preview: Copycats Pt. 4

This is a nice issue that finally consolidates Catwoman’s past.  Catwoman has had so many different origins over the decades.  To say what has or hasn’t happened in her past has been difficult because one story always interfered with another, so one just went with what was most recent.  Here in Catwoman #4, Joelle Jones […]

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Comic Review: Titans #27 (Spoilers)

There are times in life when life just sucks.  Then you have times where it really sucks.  If only life was that bright for out Titan heroes. Titans #27 takes you about as low as a team can go, and most of it blind sides you. Given the nature of some of the reveals, I’m tagging this […]

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Jurnee Smollett-Bell and Mary Elizabeth Winstead Join Birds of Prey as Black Canary and Huntress

 Birds of Prey just found Their Black Canary and Huntress. Margot Robbie has already been attached to the project that it set to release in 2020. The film will focus around Harley Quinn who cut ties with her iconic love The Joker and her team. Birds of Prey will show Harley Quinn team up with […]

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Star Wars: New Info on “Ages of” Comic Line

Ages Characters Named! During Comicon JJ Goodman wrote an article on a new Marvel Star Wars series that can be found here.  Marvel stated they would be doing a 30 issue Ages comic series that would consist of 10 comics in each of the three Star Wars eras.  Each comic would follow a different character in […]

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FINALLY The Conclusion to Spider-Man the Animated Series: PETER FINDS MARY JANE A Script By John Semper Jr.

When we left Spider-Man, January 31st, 1998 he had just saved reality from Spider-Carnage, “Spider Wars Part 2: Farewell, Spider-Man,” had met his creator (in other reality), Stan Lee, and embarked with Madame Web to finally find the real Mary Jane, who had fallen off of a bridge at the hands of the Green Goblin […]

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Celebrate THE BEATLES, YELLOW SUBMARINE 50th-Anniversary With This Comic Adaption

The graphic novel adaption of THE BEATLES, YELLOW SUBMARINE marks the 50th-anniversary since the 1968 film. The story is verbatim of the Yellow Submarine film and Bill Morrison’s illustrations are fairly accurate to the animated feature.  The art stays consistent in contrast to the movie that employs different art techniques like rotoscope. The novel can’t […]

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Interview With Jon and Mark about their Indiegogo Project GRAVEYARD SHIFT

About Project GRAVEYARD SHIFT “Murdered scientists, put into their own experiments are reborn as the super-powered GRAVEYARD SHIFT!” Hitting their funding goal of $5,000 in 70 minutes, Mark Poulton (Savage Hawkman, Pizza Tree) and Jon Malin’s (Cable, Thunderbolts) Graveyard Shift has soared to over $20,000 in 2 days and is currently trending on Indiegogo. With funding met, the […]

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Star Wars: Discover Vader’s Castle this Halloween!

Star Wars movies have always loved heart stopping moments.  Vader dismantling Luke on Bespin, the Emperor frying Luke on the Deathstar, Being hunted in the dead of night by fuzzy little bears you cant see in Battlefront 2! This October, IDW Publishing is going to release a run of 5 comics called Star Wars Adventures: […]