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Elizabeth Olsen On The Inspiration Behind Her ‘WandaVision’ Performance

If you’ve been keeping track of the promos for WandaVision, you’ve probably noticed a distinct vibe from our first looks at the series. The first live-action Marvel series debuts January 15 on Disney+. But it’s not just a tribute to the MCU (and a springboard for future Marvel films) – it’s a tribute to television […]


Why WandaVision Might Be The Most Important Disney+ Series Yet

Update: WandaVision Comes Out This Week! Watch It On Disney+ On January 15th! There have been more updates to the formula for WandaVision in the time since this article ran, but at it’s core, it still speaks the truth that WandaVision is a huge gamble for Disney and Marvel to run as their first streaming […]

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Disney+ Confirms Marvel’s WandaVision Still Set to Debut This Year

With the pandemic leaving a lot of film and TV entertainment up in the air, we’ve finally got some good news for Marvel fans. WandaVision will still hit Disney+ this year. The streamer confirmed the news in a recent tweet. The clip showcased footage from a number of titles headed to the platform in the […]

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What’s In Store For WandaVision?

To the delight of Marvel fans everywhere the Super Bowl gave us the first official look into the Disney+ series WandaVision. Last time we saw Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and The Vision (Paul Bettany) was in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. In Infinity War, Vision and Wanda both end up dead by the end […]

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WandaVision Moved Up to 2020

Disney+ was originally going to have to wait until 2021 for the debut of WandaVision on the platform. The sitcom has been moved up to a 2020 release. That’s a “blink and you’ll miss it” level of promotion from Disney. What’s WandaVision Even About? Originally thought to be a genre bending sitcom with horror elements, […]

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Doctor Strange and The Scarlet Witch To Team-Up In The MCU’s First Horror Film

The first Doctor Strange film was well-received and a solid entry into the MCU, but it didn’t exactly break new ground. For the sequel, however…. Kevin Feige announced at SDCC 2019 that the second Doctor Strange movie would not only be the first MCU horror film. It wil also showcase a team-up between the Scarlet […]

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Elizabeth Olsen Gives Us Disney+ WandaVison Details

Elizabeth Olsen gives details of Disney+ series WandaVision at Avengers: Endgame premiere.