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Fan-Made Anime Opening for The Mandalorian Pays Homage to Cowboy Bebop

Fans have produced quite a few anime-style content for Star Wars over the years, and now there’s one more for The Mandalorian just days before season 2 debuts on October 30. Not only that, but it pays homage to one of the greatest anime ever made. What am I talking about, you may ask? Well, […]

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Legend of Zelda Fan Film is Absolutely Epic!

Children raised on Nintendo, rejoice! The videography group Devin Super Tramp has produced an amazing fan film titled Zelda-The Blood Moon from the Legend of Zelda franchise. “We’ve always been intrigued by what Link would look like/become as an old man. What would happen if he was to lose Zelda in battle? Devin Super Tramp, […]

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Amazing Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker 16-bit Trailer Released!

The Rise of Skywalker 16-bit Trailer The Star Wars fandom is by far one of the most creative online collectives. The fan films, the tributes, fan-fiction, memes… it’s endless. Now, filmmaker John Stratman has recreated the entire ‘The Rise Of Skywalker’ teaser in 16-bit graphics. This amazing piece of work will bring older gamers like […]

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MICHAEL MYERS vs JASON Fan Film Goes Viral

We’ve seen Freddy vs Jason fight each in the past. Now a new fan film pits two of the most iconic slasher villains of all time against each other: Michael Myers vs Jason Voorhees. The 30 minute horror fan film, titled Michael vs. Jason: Evil Emerges, created by Radical Talent, has gone viral and gained […]

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New Fan Film Series Presents ‘Power Rangers Unworthy’

A new Power Rangers fan film series is slowly gaining popularity: Power Rangers Unworthy. It’s a entertaining series combing new and old ideas from Power Rangers to create a new and unique story. Power Rangers Unworthy is a team of Rangers from Earth 2-18 facing what might be their greatest foe, The Arbiter, the first […]

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Third Follow-Up: Vader Film Goes Home – Guess Who Ordered It’s Return?

News always comes in cycles. For about the past month, Star Wars news has been pretty slow. Then you have the past three days. News on the Vader Fan film have been coming in so hot and heavy I’m writing part 3 of the story wondering if part 2 has even been published yet! Recapping […]

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Disney “Steals” Vader Fan Film For Profits!

A few weeks back, the internet was abuzz with a fan film about Darth Vader coming to terms with his new role as Sith apprentice and the loss of Padme. Star Wars Fan Theory and Danny Ramirez produced the film, a story worthy of canon placement. And then… Disney “steals” Vader fan film out from […]

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Star Wars: Fan Film Goes Inside the Mind of Vader

George Lucas has so many legacies that he either directly created or some sub-division of his creative teams started.  George always had an independent streak and always liked to control his own projects – not Hollywood.  Once he found his success, he encouraged young filmmakers to do the same.  Lucas long supported the creation of […]

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Fresh Take Star Wars | 8 Fan Films Done Right

There are thousands of Star Wars fan films on YouTube. We’ve gone through hundreds to bring you this list of some of our favorites. There are plenty more we wanted to share, but decided to recommend just these amazing efforts first. So without any further ado, enjoy the movies… 1.Kara (2016) A beautiful film about […]

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Star Wars: Episode IX – A New Order – TEASER TRAILER

This is a fun little Star Wars edit created by AD_Edits.CONCEPT FAN-MADE TRAILER for star wars episode 9! What do you think about EZRA poppin in to help rey fight the Knights of Ren? and no that is not meant to be Revan:) Enjoy! From AD_edits, check out more of their stuff at: MUSIC […]