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Resident Evil Reboot Film Tweets Conclusion of Filming

It seems that Resident Evil is getting one step closer to that reboot fans have been waiting for. Especially with Sony Pictures announcing on Twitter that they’ve just finished the filming for it. Included in this Resident Evil announcement is a rather odd picture. There are two rather prominent items in this picture. One is […]

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Game of Thrones Prequel Begins Filming!

The next chapter in the Game of Thrones saga has quietly slipped into production.  Filming started recently on the Game of Thrones prequel. It in a place familiar to those who watched the original series – Northern Ireland.  That should give us a hint as to the feel of the new series.  There’s been no […]

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STAR WARS: Episode IX Returns To the Desert…Again.

Another Desert If there is one thing more consistent than almost anything in Star Wars it is that Star Wars loves sand!  It’s soft and sweet.  It gets everywhere so it is very easy to take home with you.  Right?  How else do you explain the use of a desert planet in 5 out of […]