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The Mandalorian Stars Weren’t Aware of Finale Cameo Until Actors Were Present on Set

The major cameo who showed up during the season finale of The Mandalorian, season 2 was a big surprise to everyone. Even to the star cast members, it seems. Warning: major spoiler for The Mandalorian, “Chapter 16: The Rescue”. If you have not watched it yet on Disney+, avert your eyes until you do. I […]

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The Mandalorian’s Gina Carano At Center Of Latest Twitter Controversy

Gina Carano is under fire for her refusal to put pronouns in her Twitter profile. Is she a bully? Or is she being bullied? You decide.

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Can Gina Carano “Crush” It In “The Mandalorian”?

Gina Carano, is a former MMA fighter turned actress and with a role in Star Wars upcoming series The Mandalorian, it looks like she is about to hit the big time. So who is Gina Carano? One of Hollywoods upcoming actresses, Gina Carano had previously carved herself out a career in MMA. She even earned […]

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STAR WARS: Gina Carano joins The Mandalorian

Chalk Up Another Actor Another day, another leaked actor/actress.  The Wrap is reporting that actress Gina Carano has signed on for an undisclosed role for the Disney+ streaming show, The Mandalorian.  It would be nice if they actually released a casting list for this show already, but I guess we will jump on whatever crumbs we […]