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Gremlins Appear in First Live-Action Material in 31 Years…As Mountain Dew Ad

This is the first live-action material that featured Gremlins in 31 years, ever since Gremlins 2: The New Batch in 1990. And as it turns out, it’s a commercial for Mountain Dew. Well, I guess there are worse things to advertise. The premise of this Gremlins Mountain Dew ad is pretty simple. Little…well, big Billy […]

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Gremlins Original Writer: Script for Third Movie Ready For Some Time

Anyone excited for Gremlins 3? Well, you’re probably going to have to wait some time for it. Heck, the original writer for Gremlins has been waiting a long, long, long time for it. He apparently even wrote the script for it, but so far, no luck. During a recent interview to promote The Christmas Chronicles […]

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“Gremlins” Animated Series: Original Voice Actor for Gizmo Not Returning

Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai is an upcoming animated prequel to the hit 1984 cult classic Gremlins. Unfortunately, the original voice actor for Gizmo, Howie Mandel, will not be in it. You Fed the Little Buggers After Midnight Again, Didn’t You Gremlins is one of those movies that stay with you, like one of those […]

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It’s Official: The Gremlins Return For Animated TV Series

WarnerMedia has announced a new series to their unnamed streaming service and Gremlins fans will be excited. Warner Bros. Animation and Amblin Television will produce a animated series of 10 half-hour episodes called the GREMLINS: SECRETS OF THE MOGWAL. Here below is also the first look of the teaser picture with title. SEE ALSO: TRANSFORMERS […]