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Who’s The Best Duo In Star Wars?

Fresh off the second season of The Mandalorian – and with so many other projects in the works – it’s a great time to be a Star Wars fan. And with SO many movies and shows (and comics and games) taking place in the universe, there’s really something for everyone. Whether you want to bemoan […]

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Black Series The Mandalorian Helmet And Other Star Wars Deals You Will Not Want To Miss Today!

If you are a Star Wars collector then you may have noticed there has been some good deals here and there for Star Wars items. From The Black Series to Funko there has been a little something for everyone. Well, looking around today there a few deals you might want to jump on before they […]

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Solo Director Ron Howard Reveals Harrison Ford’s (Un)Surprisingly Positive View of the Movie

Normally, it’d be rude to reveal the contents of one’s private conversations. However, I think we can forgive Ron Howard for revealing what Harrison Ford thought of Solo: A Star Wars Story. It’s just too interesting not to. Apparently, one of the Lights, Camera, and Barstool podcasts managed to secure an interview not with Harrison […]

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No Solo Sequel Coming According To Ron Howard, But Fan Support “Bodes Well”

Solo: A Star Wars Story came out at probably the worst time it could have. Fresh off the fan backlash for The Last Jedi, people were fatigued from Star Wars. So naturally, that fatigue, combined with bogus stories from the set about issues with the film, led it to a disappointing box office draw. He […]

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“Solo: A Star Wars Story” Star Speaks Out Against Media Practices In Support of Movie

Solo‘s star actor, Alden Ehrenreich, takes an opportunity to praise Solo‘s good points. He also take a shot at journalism and criticized the media for their, well, criticism of it. Alden Ehrenreich, in a recent interview with Total Film and brought to us by Gamesradar, called the whole experience of filming Solo: A Star Wars […]

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Hasbro: Heroes of Endor and Hoth Wampa The Black Series Figures Revealed

Today has been a good day for Hasbro and Star Wars fans. Earlier this morning we got our first look at the new 501st Legion Arc Troopers Vintage collection set. Well now thanks to our friends at we are also getting our first look at two new The Black Series figures, the Hoth Wampa […]

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Are Big Reveals in Star Wars Comics Over the Top?

Star Wars comics have gone in bold directions. SPOILERS ahead for recent Star Wars comics. Tread lightly if you haven’t read them yet. Lately, they have revealed that Princess Leia Organa gets frozen in carbonite; that Luke Skywalker encounters a mysterious hooded figure in getting his lightsaber back; and that Darth Vader encounters what appears […]

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41 of The Most Shocking Moments of the Star Wars Films

This article contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and the entire Star Wars saga. “Hey, kid.” We were treated to a welcome scene when Han Solo’s memory appeared to Kylo Ren in The Rise of Skywalker. Welcome, yet surprising on at least two fronts. Han was dead, having been killed by Kylo […]

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STAR WARS: John Tyler Christopher (JTC) Han Solo Imperial Stormtrooper Comic Cover Limited To 3000

The king of action figure comic covers is at it again. John Tyler Christopher (JTC) has announced his latest limited Star Wars action figure cover and it will not be one that you will want to leave in the trash compactor. Here is the official announcement: STAR WARS #74 JTC EXCLUSIVE | HAN SOLO: IMPERIAL […]

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Why Harrison Ford Returned To Star Wars

Han Solo. Merely mention the name, especially to someone who grew up with the original Star Wars trilogy, and you’ll invoke many a memory. Harrison Ford as Han Solo was responsible for some of the most notable lines in all of Star Wars. From “I know” to “never tell me the odds” to “that’s not […]