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Star Wars Fan Artist Paints Obi-Wan Kenobi Portraits In Old War Style

Star Wars fan artists can be pretty amazing. Instagram user @scadarts, however, is definitely looking to stand out when it comes to painting their Obi-Wan Kenobi portraits. Clearly, those old portraits of historical generals influenced them here. As you can see, Obi-Wan Kenobi’s distinguished, nay, elegant face fits the style and tone of these Hello […]

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How Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones Tarnished Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Reputation

I came across a Star Wars meme recently that got me thinking about Attack of the Clones. The film is already widely regarded as the worst of the entire saga, for a number of reasons. (Stiff acting and utterly terrible dialogue come to mind.) From a pure storytelling perspective, however, there’s another reason why the […]

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Kenobi Trudges Forward Says Chow

Over the course of the years, certain movies end up in permanent ruts. Studios swear up and down they are in the works, yet they keep getting delayed year after year with no promise of completion. Such movies as He-Man, Thundercats, Dark Crystal and more. A Kenobi movie/series fits this mold. The rumored creation of […]

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Star Wars Theory: What if The Mandalorian Spoiler Is…

The Mandalorian Spoiler to Change Star Wars Several articles have been released recently saying the very first episode of The Mandalorian will change Star Wars as we know it. Yet no one has offered any ideas or theories. Even Disney denied the press advanced screenings so the spoiler would not leak. After watching and explaining […]

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Star Wars: Myths And Fables Reveals Possible Plot Arc For Kenobi Series

“There was once a tribe of nomadic people on the distant, dusty planet of Tattooine who, for many months, had been terrorized by a dragon.” The Knight and the Dragon, from Star Wars: Myths and Fables, page 3 So begins the first story of Star Wars: Myths and Fables, titled The Knight and the Dragon. […]

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Disney+ Kenobi Series Confirms Director and Writer

There are a lot of parts moving in the Disney movie world this week. First we learn that Marvel’s Kevin Feige is getting into the Star Wars Ring. Now news has dropped that the much-anticipated Kenobi series on Disney+ has a confirmed director. Deborah Chow has been tasked with the directorial duties on Kenobi. She […]

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STAR WARS: The Jedi Council Lie That Caused Its Downfall

The Jedi Council must have lied to the Republic Leadership about the miraculous readiness of 200,000 clone troopers. Their decision to lie instead of telling the truth and revealing their blindness resulted in their ultimate destruction. Summary Of The Clone Army’s Creation In Star Wars Episode II – Attack Of The Clones Obi-wan Kenobi learned […]

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Star Wars: Ewan Says No Kenobi Coming

If there is a bright center of the universe, you are on the planet that its farthest from. No, this isn’t Tatooine. No this isn’t Jakku…  It’s Earth – minus the Obi-Wan Kenobi movie. According to Ewan McGregor, he knows nothing about one even being worked on. While doing a recent interview for Christopher Robin, […]

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STAR WARS: Let’s Sort Out All Of The Obi-Wan Kenobi Rumors

One has to love the Star Wars news right now. Titles and their directions are spinning in so many different directions cases of vertigo are being reported all across the country.  The most watched title in limbo has to be the Kenobi movie.  “Always in motion the future is.”  Itsindevelopementitsonholditsagoitsanogoitsgoinghereitsgoingthere.  ARG!! Kenobi In Episode 9? […]

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STAR WARS: Is Lucasfilm In Damage Control Mode?

Well, it seems we might just get that Obi Wan Kenobi spin-off film, after all. Amidst reports that Disney and Lucasfilm have cancelled all plans for additional Star Wars anthology films, the studios are now on record denying those claims; instead, they’re executing a course correction. Unidentified sources within Lucasfilm recently told The Hollywood Reporter […]