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Poll for Top Anime of 2020 Shows Kaguya-sama on Top

Turns out, a whole lot of people agree that Kaguya-sama: Love is War is the top anime of 2020. And if there’s one thing you can trust, it’s a poll involving tens of thousands of people. Anime Corner recently conducted a poll for the Top 10 Anime of the Year for 2020. 47,323 people participated […]

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THS Fright-A-Thon: Top 5 Creepiest Scooby-Doo Villains

For this episode of THS Fright-A-Thon, let’s get on the spooky nostalgia train and talk Scooby-Doo. Or rather, cry: “Scooby-Doo, where are you?!”. Scooby-Doo isn’t exactly what you’d call a source of horror. I mean, the original series was a 60’s era Hanna-Barbera cartoon about 4 kids and a talking dog going around pulling masks […]

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Discworld: Top 5 Scariest Villains

The Discworld novel series by the late and great Sir Terry Pratchett is best known for their scathing wit and humor. I mean, what else do you expect from a world resting on the back of four planet-sized elephants, who are themselves standing on the back of a sea turtle the size of a gas […]

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Star Wars: Top 5 Blasters For Self-Defense

The term “blaster” in the Star Wars universe describes a class of weapon that has existed since ancient times in their galaxy. In our world, blasters would be classified as “plasma weapons”, since blasters fire plasma bolts. Blaster bolts could also detonate on impact with their target, causing concussive damage similar to an explosive shell […]

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Top 5 Fantasy Anime For Your Bucket List

Fantasy is a pretty common genre for anime. In fact, there might be more than you could ever watch in a lifetime. So that’s why I’m going to save you all the trouble and give you my choices for the top 5 fantasy anime to watch before you kick the bucket. 5. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu […]

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Star Wars: 5 Best Rebel Fighters

The Rebel Alliance has used many fighters over the course of their war with the Empire, but today I’m here to talk only about the 5 best ones. The Rebel Alliance Starfighter Corps has always been a weird bunch. Because they lacked the Empire’s production capability, they had to resort to a combination of begging […]

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Star Wars: 5 Reasons Why the TIE Fighter Sucks

I think you’ll all agree with me when I say that the TIE Fighter is the worst fighter in the Star Wars universe. Let’s get down to the basics: this is officially called the TIE/ln Space Superiority Fighter. In practice, it’s often just commonly called the TIE Fighter. Rebel pilots often nickname it “Evil-Eyes” or […]

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The Expanse: 5 Reasons Why The Donnager Should’ve Had Escorts

All capital ships need escorts, and the MCRN Donnager of The Expanse was no exception. In the universe of The Expanse, the MCRN Donnager was the lead ship of the Donnager-class battleships in service with the Martian Congressional Republic Navy. The Donnager measured almost 500 meters/1640 feet long, and massed about a quarter million tons. […]

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Star Wars: 5 Best Walkers

In the Star Wars universe, the term “walker” describes a specific subclass of armored fighting vehicles in service throughout the galaxy. While walkers come in many different shapes and sizes, all of them share one thing in common. They all use legs to move instead of the more mundane wheels, tracks, and repulsorlift systems other […]

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Lightsaber: 5 Upgrades It Desperately Needs

The lightsaber, the most iconic weapon of the Star Wars universe, is badly in need of upgrades. The lightsaber, for those few of you who’ve somehow not heard of Star Wars, is an energy-based melee weapon that’s become the iconic weapon of the franchise as a whole. It cuts objects and people alike using intense […]