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‘Two Weeks To Live’ And Maisie Williams Wants To Spend Them Murdering

If you had only two weeks to live, how would you spend them? In Maisie Williams’ newest series, she decides to spend them murdering. HBO Max has acquired Two Weeks To Live, a Sky production currently airing in the UK. The dark comedy limited series also stars Fleabag’s Sian Clifford. Watch a preview for the […]

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SDCC: Check Out the Opening Sequence of New Mutants

New Mutants confirmed during its San Diego Comic-Con panel the film would release August 28. Director Josh Boone also released the first three minutes of the movie during the panel. You can watch the panel, including the opening sequence below. (Jump to the 24 minute mark to get to the exclusive clip first.) The New […]

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STAR WARS: What the Franchise Needs – Arya Skywalker!

There are probably hundreds of sword fights in movie history. Some are pretty bad, while some are the best in history. No matter how great a fight is, once you alter the sword into a lightsaber, the wow-ness factor goes up by a factor of 50. Sword fights like The Princess Bride, Crouching Tiger Hidden […]

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GoT: Why Is Arya Any Different?

Did your jaw drop during episode 2 when Arya and Gendry hooked up? In a show bathed in nudity through its history, why is the Arya scene so controversial?