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SWAU Offers Exclusive Darth Vader 9 Comic Signed By Natalie Portman

If you are a Star Wars autograph collector then you know how hard it is to get Natalie Portman’s autograph. Well, thanks to Star Wars Autograph Universe (SWAU) not only do you have a chance to get Natalie Portman’s autograph through their private signing; you can also get their first-ever SWAU comic book exclusive Darth […]

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Tessa Thompson Teases More MCU Characters For ‘Thor: Love & Thunder’

We know Marvel loves a crossover. (And so do Marvel fans.) Tessa Thompson just confirmed you can expect to see some familiar faces from within the MCU appear in Thor: Love and Thunder. Thompson plays Valkyrie, who takes over as King of New Asgard in the upcoming Thor sequel. During an interview with The Playlist, […]

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20 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Die-hard Star Wars Fan, Part 2

Welcome back! I hope you all enjoyed part 1 of the 20 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Die-hard Star Wars Fan. We had a little bit of everything from LEGOs to Chia Pets. Even though those first items were all pretty cool, it is now time to see the final 10 of my top 20 […]

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Natalie Portman Confirms Thor 4 Plot For Jane Foster

During an interview with Yahoo this week, Natalie Portman confirmed some plot details for the upcoming Thor movie. Portman played Jane Foster in Thor and Thor: The Dark World. After being absent for the most recent installment Ragnarok, she’s set to reprise her role in the upcoming Love and Thunder. Thor fans have been especially […]

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Movie Review: Lucy in the Sky – Oscar Gold or Oscar Trash?

This time of year belongs to two types of movies.  There are the movies the studio holds no faith in, thus dumping them in the no-man’s-land of January, or the movies that technically released in 5 theaters the year before so they could be considered Oscar material.  When they receive the hype, they wide release […]

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Good Comics Brought Natalie Portman Back To The MCU For Thor: Love And Thunder

In August of 2016, three years after Thor: Dark World came out and one year before Thor: Ragnarok hit theaters, Natalie Portman told Vanity fair she was ‘done with Thor.” Fast forward three years. At 2019’s Comic Con San Diego, Marvel annouced the fourth Thor movie, Thor: Love and Thunder. The big surprise came Natalie […]

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After SDCC 2019, We Know Why Thor Is The First MCU Hero To Get A Quadrilogy

A few days before Comic-Con, Marvel announced that director Taika Waititi would return to helm the fourth Thor movie. The God of Thunder is the first MCU hero get their own quadrilogy (or is it tetralogy? Quartet?).  Although the third movie (Ragnarok) was as successful as it was hilarious, fans begged the question…. “Is Thor […]

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Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster Returns To MCU, Upsetting Fans

In case you missed it, this past Saturday at San Diego Comic Con Marvel Studios announced phase 4 of the MCU. During the panel, it was announced that the next Thor movie would be titled Thor: Love and Thunder.  The director Taika Waititi and stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson were out on stage, all […]

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 In celebration of Earth Day, Disney+ revealed today that Academy Award®-winning actress Natalie Portman (“Black Swan”) narrates the next feature film from Disneynature, “Dolphin Reef,” which will release on Disney+, the highly-anticipated streaming service launching in the U.S. on Nov. 12, 2019. “Dolphin Reef” dives under the sea to frolic with some of the planet’s […]

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STAR WARS: Natalie Portman Would Like To Finally Meet Her Long Lost Son, Mark Hamill

Would you believe it if I told you that Mark Hamill and Natalie Portman have never met? Well it’s true! We actually live in a world where Padme Amidala and her son Luke Skywalker have never seen each other, not even at a con! Last week, Hamill retweeted a Happy Birthday tweet to Portman by […]