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Norse Mythology #5: Fenrir the Big Sad Pupper (Spoilery Comic Book Review)

Fenrir is the true star of Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology #5 from Dark Horse Comics. Definitely more so than any of the other Norse gods and goddesses. If he were the hero, he’d definitely be a tragic hero-type figure. Warning: Big fluffy spoilers for Norse Mythology #5. If you have any desire to read this, […]

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Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Complete American Gods’ Is Perfect For Your Collection

It’s a great time to be a Neil Gaiman fan. In addition to all the new Sandman content, American Gods is also getting some new attention. (Besides the TV series, that is.) The American Gods comics, adapted by P. Craig Russell from Gaiman’s award-winning novel, will now be available in one supersized collection. The special […]

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Audible Announces New Installments of ‘Sandman’

It’s a great day to be a Sandman fan. First, Netflix announced its core cast for the upcoming series. And now we know The Sandman will live on in audio format, too. The first installment of Audible’s Sandman adaptation debuted in July 2020. And it wasn’t just a bestseller. It became the most pre-ordered original […]

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Netflix Announces Cast For Neil Gaiman’s ‘Sandman’ Adaptation

Like most of their big projects, Netflix has been keeping details about its upcoming Sandman series closely under wraps. Now, fans can finally start envisioning their favorite characters from Neil Gaiman’s graphic novels on screen. Here’s the cast for the live-action adaptation: Tom Sturridge as Dream (aka Morpheus), Lord of the Dreaming Gwendoline Christie as […]

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Gwendoline Christie Joins Netflix’s ‘Sandman’

We don’t know much about Netflix’s upcoming adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman graphic novels. But now we’re adding some MAJOR casting to our little pile of information. Discussing Film reports Gwendoline Christie is in the series. No confirmation yet as to who Christie might play in the live-action adaptation. The only other casting we’ve heard […]

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Norse Mythology #3: Everyone Always Blames Loki Even When It Isn’t Quite His Fault (Spoilery Comic Book Review)

Loki is back in Nail Gaiman’s Norse Mythology #3 from Dark Horse Comics. And of course, all the other gods blame him for when everything goes horribly wrong. Regardless of whether it was actually his fault or not. Warning: spoilers for Norse Mythology #3, so stop here if you plan on reading it. If you […]

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Neil Gaiman Announces American Gods S3 Premiere With Letter To Fans

It’s official – American Gods will return to kick off 2021. Neil Gaiman himself announced the news that season 3 will premiere January 10. Gaiman, the author of the American Gods novel, dropped the premiere date news in an image referencing his story. Fans may recognize the Lakeside Clunker Board from Hinzelmann’s shop picture below. […]

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Norse Mythology #2: Loki Is At It Again [Spoilery Comic Book Review]

In this second issue of Dark Horse Comics‘ adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology, we see Loki being his usual self. We also see him getting his just desserts. If a bit over the top for the poor guy. Warning: major spoilers for Norse Mythology #2, unless you’re already familiar with the real life Norse […]

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NYCC 2020: American Gods Season 3 Trailer Unveiled

As part of the festivities, NYC 2020 is proud to bring you all a brand new teaser trailer for the third season of American Gods. Let the mindscrew begin. Again. This new trailer for American Gods gives us an interesting peek at what will come next in the third season. It’s a very mindscrewy peek, […]

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Tom Sturridge Allegedly In Talks to Star in Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman Series

English actor Tom Sturridge is allegedly talking with Netflix about starring as Dream in their TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s hit The Sandman comic book. According to Collider, Tom Sturridge of Sweetbitter fame is in talks to star as Dream (AKA: the Sandman himself) in Netflix’s live-action adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman comic book. […]