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Patty Jenkins Reveals Intense Fight with Warner Bros. Over Wonder Woman Production

Patty Jenkins, the acclaimed director of Wonder Woman, reveals that there was a lot more going on behind the scenes than we could even imagine. Especially in terms of disagreement. In a recent podcast, Patty Jenkins has come out with some rather interesting information about Wonder Woman‘s production. It seems that for a lot of […]

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Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Will Be “Really, Really Great!” Says Actor Chris Pine

A few weeks ago Star Wars fans were going crazy with all the new Star Wars content that was announced at the Disney Investor’s Meeting. One of the biggest surprises from those announcements was when Kathleen Kennedy revealed that Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins will direct Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. While we don’t know […]

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Wonder Woman – Message Over Motion & the Road Ahead

While it can be said all movies follow this formula, Comic book and Sci-fi/fantasy fall victim to it more than others. They must balance the formula between message and motion. The ratios of message and motion change depending on what story creators wish to tell. Some forgo message almost entirely, relying heavily on motion(action) to […]


Wonder Woman 3 Announced After Success Of WW1984

With the Christmas release of Wonder Woman 1984 behind us, we’re all wondering what’s next for Diana and the franchise. Well, now we know where the future is heading. Warner Bros and DC are fast tracking the third film in the series. Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins are both returning for the Wonder Woman 3. […]

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Wonder Woman 1984 Releases Opening Scene in Anticipation of Impending Release

Wonder Woman 1984 will debut on HBO Max on December 25, 2020. Just in time for Christmas, really. To commemorate this, and to build up the hype for it, Warner Bros. have released the opening scene for the film. The opening scene from Wonder Woman 1984 shows a much younger Diana (Gal Gadot) competing in […]

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Patty Jenkins Directing Rogue Squadron Film

Well they saved the real bombshell for last. Disney and LucasFilm announced at their Investor’s Meeting today, that Patty Jenkins would direct a Star Wars film. The film, titled Rogue Squadron releases in 2023. You can look forward to her latest film on HBO Max in Wonder Woman 1984. This is great news, as we’ve […]

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Wonder Woman 1984 Coming To HBOMax And Theaters, Christmas Day

Patty Jenkins whipped up an amazing origin story to one of DC’s greatest heroines in 2017. Wonder Woman broke the mold and finally gave us an incredible, female-driven superhero movie, breaking the supposed curse. However, the sequel, which was green lit almost immediately, seems to suffer under its own curse. Wonder Woman 1984 was set […]

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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Release Pushed to Christmas

Well, it’s official, if not actually surprising. Warner Bros. officially pushed back the release of Wonder Woman 1984 once again. The film now plans a December 25 theatrical debut. The Wonder Woman sequel, originally intended as a summer blockbuster, was previously pushed to an October release. Now, with movie theaters in key markets still closed, […]

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Surprise! Lynda Carter Pops In To DC FanDome’s ‘WW84’ Panel

It’s FanDome day and DC fans are being treated to updates about the top DC films. The virtual event kicked off this morning with the Wonder Woman 1984 panel. Director Patty Jenkins was joined by stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, and Pedro Pascal.  Even though the panel only lasted half an hour, it […]

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New ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Trailer Shows Cheetah Transformed

It’s FanDome day and DC fans are being treated to updates about the top DC films. The much anticipated Wonder Woman 1984 panel gave us a new trailer. Watch it below for your first look at Kristen Wiig transformed as Cheetah: The Wonder Woman sequel set in the ‘80s sees Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) return […]