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POWER RANGERS: New Evil Red Ranger Action Figure Released In Stores

Hot off the heels of the Dimensions in Danger, the 25th anniversary episode of Power Rangers Bandai has already release the evil robot clone Red Ranger action figure in the wild. In the episode we saw that Lord Dravon used a robot clone of Tommy Oliver to kidnap past Rangers which promted the return of […]

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POWER RANGERS: Could Katherine Have Had A Master Morpher Too?

We saw the debut of Tommy Oliver’s Master Morpher in Dimensions in Danger, the epic 25th anniversary episode of Power Rangers. Though we have no origin to the Morpher we do know it has the ability to morph Tommy into his past Ranger carnations. When we first saw the promo images from Dimensions in Danger […]

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EXCLUSIVE: POWER RANGERS: A Better Look At Tommy’s New Master Morpher

Today was the debut of Dimensions in Danger, the epic 25th anniversary episode of Power Rangers. We saw the return of past Rangers, one being the most legendary Ranger, Tommy Oliver. On the show we were able to see Tommy use his new morpher, which is now coined as the Master Morpher. We saw the […]

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POWER RANGERS: Li-Ming Hu, Silver RPM Ranger Takes Our Ranger Challenge

During Power Morphicon we had the chance to interview Li-Ming Hu, better known as Gemma the Silver RPM Ranger. During the interview she talks about her time on the series. Li-Ming found it difficult to come into the series halfway through. “It’s always weird coming in halfway through a season. You know, you’re kind of […]

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POWER RANGERS 25th Anniversary special Sneak Peek!

With the release of the sneak peek of next week’s episode 25th Anniversary episode, “Dimensions in Danger” we get a better idea of who is returning, if you haven’t scoured the net for spoilers. Obviously we have the Ninja Steel Rangers and starting in “chronological order” we can start off with Wes Collins from Power […]

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An Exclusive Image For The 25th Anniversary Episode Of Power Rangers Has Been Revealed

With the 25th Anniversary of Power Rangers coming up later this month, the anniversary episode is hopefully going to really amazing and thanks to IGN, we have a first look at 3 of the Rangers returning for the episode, and the premiere date as well. As noted in the image above, Kat, Wes, and Tommy […]

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MMPR: The Complete Series Is Getting Released In A Steelbook And The 1995 Movie Is Being Released For The First Time On Blu-Ray

Announced today by Shout! Factory, they are teaming up with Power Rangers and releasing Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Complete Series 25th Anniversary Edition Steelbook. This will be containing every episode from the first 3 seasons of the worldwide phenomenon. But it doesn’t stop there because the 1995 movie is getting re-released for the first time on […]