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[REVIEW] Disney/Pixar Serve Up Another Heartwarming Tale with Soul

If 2020 needs anything to cap the year off on a positive note, it’s a good Disney/Pixar tale to give us all the warm-fuzzies and feels.

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Splash Mountain Changes Theme To Princess And The Frog

Splash Mountain is going to get a facelift. Whether you like it or not, Splash Mountain’s theme and overall look is based on a property by Disney that is somewhat offensive. It’s just the truth. The film The Song of the South is from 1946. Racial tensions, inclusiveness, and all that were completely different back […]

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These Regal Sentai Princess Rangers Are Absolutely Perfect!

In Ralph Breaks The Internet the Disney Princesses stole the show and we got to see their display of power together as if they were a superhero team not unlike the Avengers. Well, Twitter user @angryzenmaster took a whole new level by making the beloved princesses into Super Sentai warriors! @angryzenmaster matched up each princess […]