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EXCLUSIVE: Power Rangers’ Jason David Frank Clears Up Rumors Of Comic-Con Lima Travel Ordeal

Let’s face it: Not everyone can make it to San Diego for Comic-Con International. Between travel, accommodation and ticket costs, fans around the world often find it difficult to attend. Consequently, there has been a boom in the regional Comic-Con industry. Smaller, local conventions now occur all over the world. More and more, actors, artists […]

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Diamond Select Toys Reveals From SDCC, Part 2

Welcome back collectors! Today I will be going over the rest of the Diamond Select Toys SDCC 2019 reveals. In part one of this two-part series I covered all the amazing Marvel releases that were coming from Diamond Select Toys in 2020. Today I will introduce you to their DC, Disney and other great franchises […]

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Diamond Select Toys Reveals From SDCC 2019, Part 1

Wow, what a week we had at Comic-Con International in San Diego (SDCC). From new movie releases to the hottest collectibles, SDCC had something for everyone. And if you are a collector like me, the reveals that Diamond Select Toys gave us certainly didn’t let you down . Not only did they debut many new […]

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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Final Scene Will “Melt Fans Minds” ~ Kevin Smith

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker is set for release on December 20th. This film is set to close out the 40-year Skywalker saga. Expect big things from this final film, including an epic final scene. Now, the only footage we’ve seen so far is the trailer. That Lucasfilm showed off at Star Wars Celebration […]

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Todd McFarlane, Spawn To Break Records In 2019

Breaking records in the comic book industry isn’t an easy task to achieve. Writers stop writing, creators sell characters, and artists lend their skills to multiple titles. Longevity is, unfortunately, seemingly a thing of the past when it comes to comics these days. That is… unless you’re talking about Todd McFarlane. The legendary comic book […]

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SDCC 2019: Photo Highlights From The Her Universe Fashion Show

The Her Universe Fashion Show returned to San Diego Comic Con this year with its theme being “The Power of Fashion”! Host/Her Universe Founder Ashley Eckstein (Star Wars’ Ahsoka Tano) opened and closed the show with a one-of-a-kind, trans-formative dress. It’s design took inspiration from DreamWorks Animation’s She-Ra and the Princess of Power. 2014 Her […]

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SDCC 2019: Is Comic-Con International Losing Its Luster?

Another San Diego Comi-Con has come and gone. Plenty of cosplayers and geeks left exhausted from a long and active weekend. While I was unable to attend, I, like many others, followed social media and YouTube breathlessly waiting for the latest news and trailers to drop. With everything now behind us, a couple question nag […]

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After SDCC 2019, We Know Why Thor Is The First MCU Hero To Get A Quadrilogy

A few days before Comic-Con, Marvel announced that director Taika Waititi would return to helm the fourth Thor movie. The God of Thunder is the first MCU hero get their own quadrilogy (or is it tetralogy? Quartet?).  Although the third movie (Ragnarok) was as successful as it was hilarious, fans begged the question…. “Is Thor […]

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The Stormtroopers of Star Wars: On Display At SDCC 2019

Jokes of their poor aim aside, Stormtroopers were intended to be the elite fighting force of the Empire in Star Wars. We first saw the faceless, imposing soldiers in the opening scenes of the original Star Wars back in 1977. Since that time, the troopers have evolved and expanded through the course of ten, live-action […]

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Westworld’s Jeffrey Wright Watches MCU Stars Reprise Their Roles In Disney+ Animated “What If …?”

What if …Thanos was an Avenger? What if… Venom had bonded with the Punisher? What if… Wolverine killed the Hulk?  Soon we might find out the answers to these questions… in a new animated show for Disney+ that stars the voices of the actors who portray these characters in the MCU!  In 1977, Marvel Comics […]