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Simon Kinberg Writing and Producing Battlestar Galactica Movie

One of the greatest cult classics in the science fiction world comes from the early 80s. A short lived television show that copied the Success of Star Wars while creating its own unique universe. Battlestar Galactica may have only lasted for a single season, but its impression lasts to this day. The late 2000’s saw […]

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Why Wolverine Was Not In ‘Dark Phoenix’

Why was Wolverine not in the latest X-Men movie Dark Phoenix?

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WonderCon 2019: DARK PHOENIX Exclusive Clips Revealed

Wondercon 2019 got off to exciting start. 20th Century Fox’s DARK PHOENIX panel gave us some exclusive clips of last installment of the X-Men franchise before it heads over to Disney control. The director of the film, Simon Kinberg, explained the true purpose of DAYS OF FUTURES PAST. It served as a vehicle to get […]