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Thrawn Ascendancy: Greater Good Excerpt Gives Us Look at Chiss Honor Harrington

Thrawn Ascendancy: Greater Good is the second book in Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn Ascendary trilogy, and the sequel to the 2020 Thrawn Ascendancy: Chaos Rising. And to build up hype for it, it seems we get an excerpt as a teaser, along with some other extras. This excerpt from Thrawn Ascendancy: Greater Good comes to us […]

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Star Wars: Light of the Jedi Author Unveils Disney’s Big Plans for The High Republic

Star Wars: Light of the Jedi, by Charles Soule, is basically the flagship novel for the entire The High Republic universe Disney is building. So it makes sense that Soule himself would be the one to give us breaking news about the series. Comic Book managed to secure an interview with Charles Soule in which […]

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STAR WARS: Canon Timeline For Movies, Books, & Comics

You may remember a while back we did a couple articles on the Star Wars books and comics canon timeline. While it was nice to have those, the one issue was that you had to go back and forth between two articles to get the information you wanted. So I thought why don’t I make […]

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20 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Die-hard Star Wars Fan, Part 1

Well it is that time of year again, where the days are starting to wind down to find that perfect Christmas gift for your Star Wars fan. Now I know this year is going to be a little different with COVID-19 hanging around, but that’s not going to stop me from making this year’s 20 […]

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L3-37 Trapped Aboard Millennium Falcon May Not Be Fate Worse than Death, According To New Star Wars Book

Remember when L3-37 died in Solo: A Star Wars Story, and Lando uploaded her consciousness into the Millennium Falcon? For all eternity? With no way out save for the complete destruction of the Millennium Falcon? Yeah, it’s starting to sound like a fate worse than death for our droid revolutionary now, isn’t it? Only, that […]

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“The Mandalorian” Publishing Program Revealed By

It now seems that The Mandalorian story will be more then just a series on Disney+. announced that fans will now be able to go “deeper into the world of the Disney+ series than ever before.” This will be done by a new publishing program for the hit series. The program will launch in […]

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Book Review

There two types of books; Those you must read – Those you must skip.  Those you that are refreshing – Those that are stale.  Experiences you never had – Books that repeat everything you knew.  There are books that are simple and those that are a bit more complicated.  The Last Jedi covers all of […]

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Lucasfilm Announces New Book Series ” FLIGHT OF THE FALCON”

When Disney took over Lucasfilm and pretty much deleted most of the canon books before it, fans wondered if Disney would continue making Star Wars books to intertwine the new saga with the old. Luckily it we’ve been blessed with an array of books each time a new film comes out which take place pre, […]