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Fan-Made Anime Opening for The Mandalorian Pays Homage to Cowboy Bebop

Fans have produced quite a few anime-style content for Star Wars over the years, and now there’s one more for The Mandalorian just days before season 2 debuts on October 30. Not only that, but it pays homage to one of the greatest anime ever made. What am I talking about, you may ask? Well, […]

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Watch Now: A New Star Wars Origin Story For ROTJ Fans!

The Star Wars fan films are piling up in anticipation of Celebration. One film we recently enjoyed, an origin story from Escape Velocity Content, really grabbed our attention. ‘Birth Of A Monster‘ looks and feels like a legitimate Lucasfilm project and pays tribute to a couple of important characters from Return Of The Jedi. So […]

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Star Wars: Episode IX – A New Order – TEASER TRAILER

This is a fun little Star Wars edit created by AD_Edits.CONCEPT FAN-MADE TRAILER for star wars episode 9! What do you think about EZRA poppin in to help rey fight the Knights of Ren? and no that is not meant to be Revan:) Enjoy! From AD_edits, check out more of their stuff at: MUSIC […]