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Star Wars Wampa Rug Available to Satisfy Your Hoth Hunting Trip Fantasies

Have you ever wanted a Wampa rug to grace your floor? Maybe pretend you just hunted and skinned one of those creepy things? Well, now’s your chance, and you don’t even have to step one foot onto Hoth to get it. Jay Franco, in partnership with, now offers a Wampa rug for sale. This […]

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Leia as Hoth Base Operator Now 5th in Funko Pop Echo Base Line

Leia in chibi form is now manning an equally as chibi console as a Funko Pop figurine. This makes it the 5th in Funko’s Echo Base lineup. As you can see, Chibi Operator Leia is pretty adorable. Either way, I can totally see her in a Star Wars Chibi spin-off series, where she’s the only […]

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Adorable Funko Pop Imperial Probe Droid Now Available for Preorder

Probe droid fans (if any) rejoice! For Funko now has an adorable Pop! figurine version of this one-hit wonder from Hoth on sale. Commence Indecipherable Droid Babble! Who doesn’t remember the Viper probe droid when it first appeared in The Empire Strikes Back? Its menacing and unsettling appearance combined with its Black Speech-like droid babble […]

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Funko Reveals STAR WARS: The Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary Lineup.

If you are a Star Wars Funko POP! collector, today the London Toy Fair had a surprise for you. Funko announced their Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary POP figure lineup. Funko Star Wars linup This lineup has some amazing figures from the movie. Here are the POP! figures that Funko announced: Darth […]

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STAR WARS: Producer Gary Kurtz Passes Away at 78

Gary Kurtz passes away Star Wars producer Gary Kurtz passed away on Sunday. He was a producer of Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back. Kurtz was 78. His other works include American Graffiti, Return to OZ and The Dark Crystal.   Kurtz died after a year long battle with cancer. His family released this statement […]