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STAR WARS: Let’s Sort Out All Of The Obi-Wan Kenobi Rumors

One has to love the Star Wars news right now. Titles and their directions are spinning in so many different directions cases of vertigo are being reported all across the country.  The most watched title in limbo has to be the Kenobi movie.  “Always in motion the future is.”  Itsindevelopementitsonholditsagoitsanogoitsgoinghereitsgoingthere.  ARG!! Kenobi In Episode 9? […]

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If STAR WARS Is Broke, How Would You Fix It?

(getty images) If Star Wars is broken, then how would you propose to fix it? It’s clearly no secret that the fandom is all shook up about the recent Star Wars movies. There are opinions aplenty on the fact that Disney bought the franchise from George Lucas. And there is no shortage of…”experts”? critiques as […]

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STAR WARS THEORY: Nobody is Nobody; Just Who is Rey, Anyway?

With all the controversy surrounding Rian Johnson’s take on the Star Wars saga in general, and Rey’s lineage specifically, I can’t help but question whether Rey is, in fact, “nobody” as Kylo Ren suggested. Fan theories abound; here’s another: For those familiar with the greater canon, you know there were other, incredibly powerful Jedi Masters […]