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Comic Book Review: Future State: Superman Wonder Woman 1

Future State continues in DC Comics. This week we get Superman Wonder Woman 1, but don’t think you know what that means. Clark Kent and Diana Prince are gone. Jon Kent and Yara now take their places. Jon still oversees Metropolis, but Yara serves the people of South America, namely Brazil in this issue. Not […]

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Everything Coming To HBO Max In January

Kick off the new year with a quality binge-watch. Here’s what’s coming to HBO Max in January 2021. January looks like a great month for superhero and horror fans. HBO Max is getting a ton of Batman movies. Plus, horror favorites like Poltergeist, The Conjuring, and more hit the platform in January. Check out the […]

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2020 In Review: Top 10 DC Stories

Through COVID-19 and DC FanDome, DC Comics made major headlines in 2020. And it would have done so even without the announcement of Zack Snyder’s Justice League and the release of major productions like Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey. Here are 10 top DC stories in 2020. 10) Margot Robbie Gets Her DC Movie Margot […]


Superman Returns Sequel Almost Happened According To Brandon Routh

Brandon Routh was not fully appreciated in his turn as Superman. That manifested itself in poor box office numbers for his lone film, Superman Returns. The long-awaited Superman film in 2006, had high hopes, but was bogged down. It made a respectable $391 million at the box office. But that wasn’t enough for Warner Bros […]

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Rumor: Multiple Batmans To Appear In ‘The Flash’ Film – Plus Another Surprise Cameo

Get ready for the multiverse. The Flash movie hopes to feature multiple recognizable Batmen. Fans keeping track of the progress for The Flash know the movie will bring in the “Flashpoint” arc from the comics. While director Andrés Muschietti said the film’s Flashpoint story won’t directly follow the comics plot, it will still involve Barry […]

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Rocksteady Teases Superman Might be on Suicide Squad’s Hit List

Rocksteady Studios, developer of the Batman: Arkham game series, decides to sneak us a teaser for their latest title: a Suicide Squad game. And this teaser seems to imply that Superman will be our enemy in this game. Hopefully, they’ll give us a bit more later. Man of Steel on Suicide Squad’s Hitlist? Recently, Rocksteady […]

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Zack Snyder Talks Superman’s Journey

Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman in Zack Snyder’s Justice League is arguably one of the movie’s highlights. For as polarizing as the film may be most agree that Cavill gave a great performance. However, the well documented behind the scenes problems meant that Cavill’s screen time was limited. In a recent interview by Beyond the […]

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Henry Cavill Wants to Keep Playing Superman

Henry Cavill hopes to play Superman for years to come. Cavill first appeared as Superman in the 2013 film Man of Steel. Since then he has also featured in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. Since these films released to mixed-to-poor reviews, fans have speculated the DCEU may take a new path […]

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DCEU Supergirl Film Put on Hold

Back in April 2018 it was announced by Warner Bros. that a Supergirl film was in development. According to Heroic Hollywood, development of the Supergirl film has now been halted and put on the shelf. A Supergirl film was originally announced to be in development with writer Oren Uziel penning the script. The film was […]

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Superman and Lois Gets Its Lana Lang

The newest CW show, Superman and Lois is hot and heavy with news lately. Deadline is reporting that Emmanuelle Chriqui has signed on to play Lana Lang. The show revolves around the superhero/journalist couple from DC Comics. It won’t be similar to the tone of the movies however. It’ll deal more with their everyday lives […]