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Hasbro Has Dropped The Cara Dune Action Figure From The Mandalorian Lineup

If you are a toy collector you know how crazy it has been trying to find what you want in stock. From inventory shortages to Re-sellers, it seems like every time you turn around the shelves are empty. So why am I bringing this up? Well, if you are a fan of the ex-rebel shock […]

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Darth Maul & Ahsoka The Vintage Collection Figures Revealed

If you are a fan of the Star Wars: The Vintage Collection figures you will love today’s figures that will be available later today from Hasbro. Hasbro will be adding Star Wars: The Clone Wars Darth Maul and Ahsoka Tano to their 3.75-inch The Vintage collection lineup. Thanks to Heroes & Villains Toys & Collectibles […]

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STAR WARS: The Black Series And Vintage Collection Releases You Will Not Want To Miss – Again

If you are a collector like myself, then you know the feeling of missing out on the newest Star Wars figures when they are released. Between bots and resellers, it seems like the minute an item goes live they are sold out. Well fellow collectors we are getting a second chance some of the latest […]

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Did The Vintage Collection Death Star Space Station Get Leaked By Entertainment Earth?

If you are a fan of Hasbro’s The Vintage Collection line, you might want to take a look at this. In a post on Instagram a few days ago, Entertainment Earth showed some pictures of their finished LEGO Comic Con booth. Well, when you scroll through the two pictures in the post you get a […]