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Daisy Ridley Reveals Personal Connection With Rey in Upcoming Star Wars Book

Apparently, Daisy Ridley really connected with Rey back when she was playing her in the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy. It’s all right there in the book, you see. In the upcoming new book about the making of the Sequel Trilogy: Star Wars: The Age of Resistance – The Official Collector’s Edition, courtesy of Digital Spy, […]

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Blade Runner Comic Book Prequel Gets New Trailer

Blade Runner was one of the most influential sci-fi and cyberpunk films back when it came out in 1982. It was singlehandedly responsible for influencing those entire genres, and it’s still one of the best films out there. Now, it’s getting a comic book prequel in the form of Blade Runner Origins. Not only that, […]

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Comic Rewind: Breakneck

Story Synopsis: Breakneck Joe Hayward catches his wife having an affair and will not stand for it.  He is going to intercept their romantic rendezvous, but what if Hayward just took out the one man preventing a terrorist attack.  Find out what Hayward must do to save Philadelphia in this week’s Comic Rewind, Breakneck. Scott […]

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Aloy and Talanah Set Out On a New Adventure in “Horizon Zero Dawn #1” Comic (Review)

Horizon Zero Dawn‘s story continues in this Titan Comics comic book sequel to the hit 2017 video game. Spoilers abound here for both the game and the comic, so ye be warned. When Robo-Dinos Will Rule the World Horizon Zero Dawn #1 takes place several weeks after the final battle with a rather pissed off […]

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Titan Comics is “Onboard” For An Expanding Snowpiercer Universe!

We are just over 2 weeks away from the Snowpiercer series premiere! Good for us, Titan Comics announced a whole timeline to snow you over! Where Do We Begin?! At the beginning of course! In stores now you can find Snowpiercer THE PREQUEL: Extinction set three months prior to the events that got the train […]