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Alan Tudyk Delivers Signature Weirdness in SyFy’s Resident Alien

Alan Tudyk delivers classic Alan Tudyk weirdness in SyFy’s newest Sci-Fi, Murder Mystery, Doctor Dramedy ‘Resident Alien!’

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Is The CW’s Walker Worth Your Time And Its Namesake? Yes And No

Walker premiered on The CW last Thursday, January 21st and was The CW’s most watched series premiere in the last five years. That’s quite the feather in the station’s cap, and hopefully salves the righteous burns they’re getting as the series premiere has generally been roasted by critics.

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Cobra Kai Season 3 High Kicks For The Win On Netflix

The hit Netflix series Cobra Kai has been leg sweeping the country by storm. Fans were treated to a surprise this past week as Netflix announced that they would be releasing Season 3 earlier then expected, when it premieres on January 1st, 2021. Well, thanks to our friends over at Netflix I was able to […]

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The Stand Ep 1: The End of “The End” is the Start

When the opening of the new adaptation of The Stand begins, it is very clear that this is a different take on a familiar story.  It also telegraphs that linear storytelling is out the window on this go round.  The first shot is a view of a cornfield accompanied by the voice of Mother Abagail […]

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Star Trek: Discovery “Terra Firma: Part One” Review

On this week’s episode of Star Trek Discovery Season three, episode 9, “Terra Firma: Part One” Philippa Georgiou is back in the spotlight.