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Wonder Woman 1984 Releases Opening Scene in Anticipation of Impending Release

Wonder Woman 1984 will debut on HBO Max on December 25, 2020. Just in time for Christmas, really. To commemorate this, and to build up the hype for it, Warner Bros. have released the opening scene for the film. The opening scene from Wonder Woman 1984 shows a much younger Diana (Gal Gadot) competing in […]

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Wonder Woman 1984: Available In 4K Ultra HD On HBO Max

The arrival of Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max is a pretty momentous occasion. Not only is it going to be what’s likely to be the first blockbuster film to come straight to streaming without a price tag attached, it’ll also be the first in 4K on HBO Max. The “new” video format is unparalleled […]

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Wonder Woman 84: New Cheetah Statue

With DC Fandome come and gone, we now know a bit more about the upcoming Wonder Woman 84, both visually and story wise. Perhaps one of the biggest pieces of information coming out of the new Fandome trailer is that at long last we finally get to see Barbara Minerva in full Cheetah mode. Now […]

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New Wonder Woman 84 Poster Now & Trailer Tomorrow!

The DC Fandome launches tomorrow at 1pm ET/10am PT. We will finally see much of what is coming and what DC plans going forward. Fandome features both new and delayed films with Wonder Woman 84 leading the way. Naturally, previews and teasers are dropping with the newest being a new Wonder Woman 84 Poster. The […]

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Summer With No Movies Likely as Sony Pulls Out

They may not be afraid of no ghosts, but Sony sure is afraid of Corvid-19. What many have feared is now coming to pass. Although we are barely a week into spring, almost the entire slate of summer movies dwindled into nothingness. Hope remained around a few mid/late June releases, but word now says Sony […]

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Wonder Woman 84 Delayed – What Do Theaters Do?

With almost every aspect of life shut down due to the Corona Virus, many wonder when we might begin to return to normal. One indicator of life returning to normal will be movies being released once more. With Black Widow now on indefinite leave, Wonder Woman 84 was the next major tent pole movie of […]