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New Mutants Drops Poster Ahead of IMAX Release

Attention X-Men fans! We’re only two weeks away from the New Mutants theatrical release. (Yes, really.) New Mutants has had more of a rocky road to release than most films, even accounting for COVID-19 delays. It began filming back in 2017, with the theatrical release planned for 2018. Long story short: that didn’t happen. Then, […]

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‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Hits Disney+

You can now stream X-Men: Days of Future Past on Disney+. The 2014 film becomes the first live-action X-Men movie to hit the streaming service. The rights to the franchise have become Disney’s after the Disney acquisition of Fox. This means we can probably expect the rest of the X-Men films to land on Disney+ […]

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Fox Wanted to Create Their Own MCU

Fox originally wanted to create their own MCU with its Marvel properties.

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THE NEW MUTANTS Still Getting A Theatrical Release

CinemaCon 2019 contained plenty of new announcements and information about upcoming films and franchises. One of the most surprising was Disney confirming that The New Mutants would still receive a theatrical release. The X-Men spinoff film, which was originally part of 21st Century Fox’s slate, was said to be headed to Hulu or another streaming […]

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Could Quicksilver Return to the MCU after Endgame?

Does Avengers: Endgame and possible time travel leave the door open for the MCU to bring back Quicksilver?

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Disney CEO Says Kevin Feige Will Take Control Of The X-Men Films

Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that after the Disney/Fox merger is complete, that Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios will be the guiding force behind the X-Men franchise. When asked how the X-Men would fit into Marvel’s plans and if Kevin Feige would be overseeing everything he responded: ??“I think it only makes […]