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Netflix X-Men: How Well Do They Translate?

Netflix recently released two Marvel anime shows, Wolverine and X-Men. Wolverine failed to really add up to much and missed the mark when it comes to Logan/Wolverine, but what about X-Men? How well did they translate into the anime world? Like Wolverine, X-Men is true anime in every sense of the word. From the art […]

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Take Home ‘New Mutants’ This November

The New Mutants are headed into homes soon. DVD/Blu-ray copies of the action-horror film drop November 17. New Mutants follows a group of young mutants trapped in an isolated hospital for psychiatric monitoring. When strange things start happening, both their powers and their friendships will be tested. The series is technically part of the X-Men […]

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Comic Rewind: X-Men: Schism

Story Synopsis: X-Men: Schism The X-Men have faced challenge after challenge, but this challenge literally splits the X-Men in two in this week’s Comic Rewind, X-Men: Schism. After M-Day the mutant population dropped down from millions to about two hundred.  The mutants needed to huddle together for protection.  As the spokesman for mutants the X-Men […]

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The New Mutants Tickets On Sale; Get A Special Look NOW!

The production of The New Mutants has been mired in almost as much horror as the story itself. The X-Men spin-off has faced numerous stops and starts, production woes, and speculation of whether the film would ever make it to market or not. However, there’s been a flurry of activity surrounding the production these past […]

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New Mutants Drops Poster Ahead of IMAX Release

Attention X-Men fans! We’re only two weeks away from the New Mutants theatrical release. (Yes, really.) New Mutants has had more of a rocky road to release than most films, even accounting for COVID-19 delays. It began filming back in 2017, with the theatrical release planned for 2018. Long story short: that didn’t happen. Then, […]

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SDCC: Check Out the Opening Sequence of New Mutants

New Mutants confirmed during its San Diego Comic-Con panel the film would release August 28. Director Josh Boone also released the first three minutes of the movie during the panel. You can watch the panel, including the opening sequence below. (Jump to the 24 minute mark to get to the exclusive clip first.) The New […]

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‘New Mutants’ Makes Last Minute Comic-Con Announcement, Drops Trailer

Fans have heard nothing about New Mutants for so long, many of us thought the film wasn’t even going to be released. But good news! New Mutants seems to be moving forward after all. Today the studio announced the film will have a Comic-Con panel next week. The panel will include a discussion with writer/director […]

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X-Men 20th Anniversay

Today marks the 20th Anniversary of the first live-action X-Men film. Release on July 14th, 2000. X-Men is considered the movie that kicked off the superhero boom that is still going on today. Kickstarting the Superhero Boom Many often debate just which movie deserves credit for kickstarting the superhero boom. X-Men or Spiderman. While X-Men […]

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‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Hits Disney+

You can now stream X-Men: Days of Future Past on Disney+. The 2014 film becomes the first live-action X-Men movie to hit the streaming service. The rights to the franchise have become Disney’s after the Disney acquisition of Fox. This means we can probably expect the rest of the X-Men films to land on Disney+ […]

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X-Men Movies To Stream On Disney+

As reported earlier, Disney+ is gearing up for a massive release of summer movies each week from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and more. But it has been confirmed that Fox’s X-Men movies will also be hitting the streaming platform as well, starting in July. With the announcement of the Hamilton musical, Solo: A Star Wars […]